American Top Team owner Dan Lambert does not like Colby Covington’s trash talk on Tyron Woodley

By Russell Ess - November 6, 2017

American Top Team owner Dan Lambert is not fond of his own ATT fighter, Colby Covington trash talking Tyron Woodley in the manner he has been doing.

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Lambert and Woodley have a history together as they have been friends for years and also with Woodley owning an ATT affiliate in Missouri.

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“I probably have more respect for Tyron Woodley than any fighter that has ever stepped foot in our gym,” Lambert told MMA Fighting. “He’s as stand up a guy as you’ll ever meet on this planet. So yeah, I love the guy.”

With Lambert’s relationship with Woodley, it comes as no surprise that he does not care for Covington’s style of trash talk he is using to promote himself to try and get a shot at Woodley’s UFC welterweight title. Although Lambert owns the ATT gym in Florida, he says he is in no position to tell Covington what he can or can’t say in trying to further his career.

Colby Covington

“I hate what he says about T-Wood,” Lambert said. “Like I said, I’ve got a s*it ton of respect for T-Wood. But Colby wants a title shot. That’s what he’s there for. He’s in this business to try and get a title fight. If he wants to talk trash, because he thinks that’s gonna help him get a title shot, it’s not my position to say you can or cannot do that. I’m not his dad. We train him. That’s what we do. That’s it.”

Lambert went on to say that if he kicked every “douchebag” off the team or punished every fighter who has said something stupid, he would have six fighters left in his gym.

“If T-Wood doesn’t like it, f*ck I don’t blame him for not liking it,” Lambert said. “He’ll have an opportunity to try to smash his f*cking head in if they ever fight. He’s in the right profession to try to do something about it if he doesn’t like it, should Colby ever earn that title shot. He may or he may not. What more am I gonna say?”

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on 11/6/2017.

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