Dana White open to the possibility of CM Punk fighting in the UFC a second time?

By Russell Ess - September 28, 2016

Phil Brooks, better known by his WWE wrestling name, CM Punk made his professional mixed martial arts debut at UFC 203 earlier this month.

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The former WWE star didn’t put up much of a fight against his opponent, Mickey Gall and was submitted after being battered in the first round. Despite his performance against Gall, it hasn’t hindered the former professional wrestler from still wanting to continue his journey and compete in mixed martial arts.

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“In life, you go big or you go home,” CM Punk said in his post-fight Octagon interview with Joe Rogan. “I just like to take challenges. It was a hell of a mountain to try and climb. I didn’t get to the summit today but it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop. I appreciate all the support from everybody. Obviously, Mickey is a hell of a fighter. I will be back, believe it or not. This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”

While Rogan and UFC President Dana White stated soon after CM Punk’s performance that he should probably not continue fighting against such high-caliber fighters in the UFC, White recently spoke with TMZ and didn’t completely shut down the possibility of giving the former professional wrestling star another chance.

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“I gotta talk to him [CM Punk] you know,” said White. “He called me the night of the fight, we talked, he was on his way home. I told him to go spend some time with his wife and live like a normal for a little while and then we’ll get on the phone and talk about what’s next for him.”

Hall of Fame legend and our namesake, BJ Penn stated that he would like to see CM Punk get another chance in the Octagon.

“He already did fight [once], you might as well give him a second one,” Penn said on BJPenn.com’s “Rapid Fire.” “People will say ‘no he doesn’t deserve a shot.’ Well, did he deserve the first one? He did It already. Now, he’s going to be more comfortable and seasoned. What if he gets a win on the next fight?”

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