Joe Rogan’s advice to CM Punk: ‘I’d say fight as an amateur, fight people at your level’

By Russell Ess - September 12, 2016

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been sitting cageside and has seen and called on many, many fights over the years. Rogan is also very well trained in martial arts himself, which is one of the reasons why so many fans enjoy Rogan giving his commentary.

CM Punk ufc 203 fight

During the UFC 203 pay-per-view broadcast, after Phil Brooks, who is better known by his WWE name, CM Punk, was steamrolled in his professional mixed martial arts debut against Mickey Gall, Rogan gave his thoughts on Punk.

“What [Punk] did was great, it was courageous,” Rogan said (transcribed by Bloody Elbow). “But it was delusional. That’s my feeling. My feeling when I was watching him hit the bag, when I was watching him train, and when I was watching him hit things. It’s not like he can’t ever learn, but there’s a journey as a martial artist, and there’s a path that each martial artist [is] on. And different people are on different paths. There’s a reason brown belts don’t compete with white belts in jiu-jitsu tournaments. It’s because it’s not fair. And what we saw tonight is not fair.

“Mickey Gall’s way better. He’s really good. I watched that kid roll, I watched him take the back when he fought Mike Jackson — he’s really good. And I just think that this is what happens when you take a guy who’s an elite young kid and you have him fight someone’s who a celebrity and wants to challenge himself. It’s not the way to do it.”

Even UFC President Dana White said that it perhaps may not be the best idea to have Punk fight in the UFC for his next bout, Rogan agrees and thinks that CM Punk should even go back to the amateur circuit where he can fight against competition that he is more on par with.

“If I had to give CM Punk some advice — I hate to harp on this — I’d say fight as an amateur,” he said. “Fight people at your level. He wants to do this, he wants to challenge himself, he wants to continue — God bless him. He’s a fun guy. I like him. But this is not the way to do it.”

What are your thoughts on what should come next for CM Punk? Another UFC fight? Bellator MMA? An amateur fight? Sound off in the comment section!

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