CM Punk doesn’t care about the UFC 225 bout placement, “If it was up to me, I’d be first fight on fight pass.”

CM Punk

During UFC 224’s broadcast this past Saturday, we got our first preview for the next big card coming up, UFC 225 on June 9th from Chicago, Illinois.

Aside from the preview, we were also treated with the stacked night of fights’ lineup as we had known all the bouts, just not what order that they would be in.

To what should have been to the surprise of none, former professional wrestler, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is again set to compete on the night’s main card despite losing his very first MMA fight in September 2016.

Many fans voiced their anger with the decision as two 0-1 fighters are billed higher on the card than seven ranked fighters and three former UFC champions.

In a response to another former UFC champion and Hall of Famer, Mark Coleman yesterday, Punk didn’t disagree with the critique he’s received.

I understand too. If it was up to me, I’d be first fight on fight pass. Don’t matter to me. Fans like to be outraged by stuff that doesn’t matter. (Appreciate the support Mr. Coleman!!!!! You’re truly the man)

Ever since crossing over into the MMA world from pro wrestling, Punk has been very open and honest about how much of a beginner he is and that he just wants to compete and has no control over anything else.

Once UFC 225 was first announced to be taking place in Chicago, it became a safe bet to assume that this would be Punk’s return to fighting as rumors swirled and Chicago is his hometown. They truly love him there, just see the video below for proof…

Punk will make his sophomore MMA appearance when he takes on Mike Jackson who will be doing the same. Both men lost to Mickey Gall in their one and only fights prior to their upcoming clash.


This article first appeared on on 5/15/2018.

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