VIDEO | Octagon Girls comment on who they think the sexiest UFC fighters are

By Russell Ess - October 21, 2016

UFC octagon girls

The UFC Octagon Girls are the beauty to balance the violence that goes down in the Octagon.

TMZ caught up with Octagon Girls, Chrissy Blair, and Vanessa Hanson earlier this year to have a fun chat about who they think the most attractive fighters are in the UFC.

Blair was quick and decisive to come up with her answer. “Carlos Condit,” Blair said. “Oh yeah.”

ufc interim welterweight champion

It took a while for Hanson to remember the name of the fighter but she pulled up Chris Weidman’s name after a bit of thought.

“They’re sweet, they’re tall, they have their cute little families,” Blair said.

Unfortunately for the shorter guys out there, the two Octagon girls said they like their men tall.

former middleweight champion

As far as who the girls think has the best body, the girls both eventually agreed upon former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. Makes sense, as the California surfer and scrapper also recently landed a big modeling contract.

“He’s lean but he’s got good arms,” Blair said.

“He’s still big on shoulders,” Hanson added.

With the girls taking a liking toward some of the welterweight and middleweight fighters, they like them tall but not too big. TMZ asked what they thought about a big heavyweight like Brock Lesnar.

“I feel like I’d get smashed,” Blair said as she laughed.

“Not my taste,” Hanson added as they all had a giggle. “Like, double us,” Hanson said of Lesnar’s 265-plus pound frame.

However, for those UFC fans that are hoping to ever get a chance with the girls and think that the UFC fighters are going to get all the attention, the girls say that it’s looked down upon for them to date the athletes.

Who is your favorite UFC Octagon Girl? Let us know which ring girl ranks number one on your list by leaving a comment.

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