Matt Brown disagrees with Dana White that Chris Weidman needs to retire following his loss at UFC 292: “Just don’t fight Brad Tavares”

By Susan Cox - August 23, 2023

Matt Brown is disagreeing with Dana White that Chris Weidman needs to retire following his recent loss at UFC 292.

Matt Brown

Last Saturday, August 19th saw Chris Weidman (15-7 MMA) vs. Brad Tavares (29-9 MMA) in a middleweight bout. The outcome was a unanimous decision win for the 35-year-old Tavares.

Although this was to be Weidman’s comeback fight after 2 years recuperating from a previous injury at UFC 261, the 39 year old former middleweight champion suffered yet another loss in the Ocatagon.

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Following Weidman’s defeat, UFC President, Dana White, at the post fight press conference said:

“Chris, I love you, please, please retire.”

Speaking on ‘The Fighter vs. The Writer‘, UFC welterweight Matt Brown disagrees with White saying:

“I give credit to Brad Tavares and hopefully Weidman can come back and fight some more guys. I don’t agree with Dana. I don’t think Chris needs to retire.”

“I think he can come back and still do great things in the sport, just don’t fight Brad Tavares. The dude is a bad matchup for you.”

Continuing Brown said:

“Everything I’ve been reading on Twitter and people talking about is everything about Chris Weidman and his leg. I love Chris Weidman, hung out with him a few times, amazing guy but I have not heard near the credit for Brad Tavares in this fight. I think Brad Tavares did the right thing and I give the credit to him more so than Chris Weidman’s injury.”

“I think had the injury never happened, the way Brad Tavares looked Saturday and the way that he fought would have won that fight maybe at any time in Chris Weidman’s career. I thought Brad just played a perfect game plan. That lead leg kick starting it off, it was a perfect game plan. He did it very, very well.”

As for why Dana White is calling for his retirement, Matt Brown continued:

“I’m not sure why Dana is saying that, but he’s entitled to his own opinion. Dana is a strong, opinionated guy. It is what it is. Dana, he likes to see guys performing at their best, especially the guys that he likes. He doesn’t like to see guys go out there and not perform at their best. That’s why I can’t say it (enough) times, I think it was Brad Tavares.”

Concluding ‘The Immortal’ said:

“I think Chris Weidman had the potential to perform very well but Brad Tavares took that away from him. It wasn’t Chris Weidman going out injured or anything. It was simply Brad Tavares was on point that night. I still think (Weidman) can do big things. I think he can get back to the top 10. I think he has that in him to do it. It’s just going to be a very long road now.”

“I think people should stop talking about Weidman’s injury, and I think Chris would say the same thing. I think he would sit here right now and he would say the exact same thing.”

“I bet he felt good going in there. I bet everything was on point in his camp and with his nutrition. He had a (fight) against a guy who was better than him that night.”

Were you watching UFC 292? Do you agree with Matt Brown that Chris Weidman can come back from this and do great things in the cage?

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