EXCLUSIVE – Chris Weidman breaks down why Dan Henderson should be the UFC middleweight champion

By bjpenndotcom - October 13, 2016

Michael Bisping’s title defense over Dan Henderson on Saturday night was certainly controversial to say the least. Fighters and fans alike vocalized their disbelief and contempt for the judges’ decision.

Dan Henderson Michael Bisping

Former middleweight champ and current contender Chris Weidman spoke exclusively to BJPENN.com Radio and gave us his thoughts on the decision and who he thought won the fight!

“I thought (Dan Henderson) beat the champion. (Bisping) was lucky to get the win over Dan.”

“I had Henderson winning that fight. I had him winning the first, second, and fifth rounds. The first round should have been a 10-8 round. Bisping was flopping all around the cage. It’s not like Dan hit him with just one clean shot and Bisping covered up and recovered. He was suffering for a long time in the first round. He took some huge shots and I thought it should have been a 10-8 round.”

“I thought he won the second round (too). Henderson dropped him again. And the fifth round, I thought Dan Henderson won as well.”

Dan Henderson Michael Bisping

Bisping’s rematch with ‘Hendo’ took place at UFC 204 on Saturday in Bisping’s hometown of Manchester, England.

Critics of Bisping’s decision win over Henderson primarily cited the fact that the champion most likely got the victory due to this hometown support.

“When every punch Bisping lands you get the crowd going crazy, that gets the judges maybe listening to the crowd too much.”

“It was a bad decision. I’ve seen worse, but I thought Henderson won that fight.”

Weidman takes on Yoel Romero at UFC 205, where he will enjoy the same hometown support from his fellow New Yorkers. The fight will likely determine Bisping’s next title defense, as a win for either man could propel them into title contention.

Henderson made good on his promise to retire after UFC 204, and will leave behind an unparalleled legacy that spans every major promotion – from Pride FC to Strikeforce and the UFC.

Who did you have winning the fight between Henderson and Bisping? Did ‘Hendo’ do enough to earn a 10-8 round in the first round? Or did Bisping do enough to win the rematch, in spite of the knockdowns? Sound off, PENN Nation!


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