5 of the worst endings to a UFC fight ever

By bjpenndotcom - October 13, 2016

There have been countless wars and epic battles in the UFC, some fights have ended far more gruesomely than most.

We here at BJPenn.com compiled the five worst endings to a UFC fight in the organizations history.

Take a look for yourself below!

  1. Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II – UFC 168


When Chris Weidman knocked out longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva, many fans believed the knockout blow was a fluke. Nobody had ever out struck ‘The Spider’, let alone finish him with strikes. When Anderson signed on to rematch Weidman at UFC 168, no one could have predicted the gruesome and bizarre manner in which it would end. In the second round, Weidman checked a whip-like leg kick from the former champ, causing Silva’s leg to literally shatter into two pieces, bone fragments held together by muscle and skin. His ankle broke in half, forcing the end of the fight as Silva fell to the ground, screaming in pain. It was truly the worst ending to a UFC fight in the promotions history. Silva has fought since the terrible injury, but never really looked the same ever again.

2. Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia – UFC 48


Back in 2004, Tim Sylvia and Frank Mir fought for the vacated UFC heavyweight belt. The title fight lasted less than a minute, after Mir grabbed onto ‘The Mainiac’s arm and started cranking an armbar submission. Sylvia refused to tap, and ended up with a broken arm for his troubles. Mir’s massive heavyweight frame literally snapped Slyvia’s forearm like a twig. Sylvia actually protested the stoppage, insisting he didn’t tap. While he was correct, the fight was still over, and Sylvia required a whole hardware stores worth of bolts and rods to heal his broken arm.

3. Corey Hill vs. Dale Hartt – UFC Fight Night 16


Corey Hill’s fight with Dale Hartt back in 2008 ended almost identically to Silva vs. Weidman, with Hill suffering a horrendous leg break after Hartt checked a leg kick. Hill immediately hit the floor in pain, and the fight was called off in the second round. Hill said at the time that “the UFC was awesome throughout this whole thing and was so good to me, I feel indebted to them.” In a tragic turn of events, Hill unfortunately passed away in 2015 at the age of 36 with an MMA record of 6-9.

4. Frank Mir vs. Antonio Nogueira – UFC 140


Mir’s nasty submission game puts him twice on this list due to the fact that Frank adheres to the “tap-or-snap” philosophy. ‘Big Nog’ nearly had Mir submitted himself before Mir flipped the script and got the Brazilian heavyweight legend into a kimura. When ‘Big Nog’ refused to tap, Mir cranked the submission until Nogueira’s arm snapped, proving once again why you should tap if Frank Mir has your arm!

5. BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez – UFC 107


While this fight is the only one on this list that didn’t end in a broken bone of some sort, Penn’s TKO victory over Diego Sanchez at UFC 107 was beyond gruesome. By the third round, Sanchez’s face was literally covered in blood, and a head kick by Penn opened up a massive gash on Sanchez’s forehead, which ultimately led to his defeat after the referee called off the fight in the fifth round. The title challenger was barely recognizable after going five rounds with Penn, and still has a huge scar on his forehead to this day.