Chris Weidman’s corner’s live reaction to controversial Gegard Mousasi stoppage

By Tom Taylor - April 10, 2017

Over the weekend, in the co-main event of UFC 210, Chris Weidman experienced a controversial TKO loss to Gegard Mousasi. The controversy followed a Mousasi knee, which at first appeared to be illegal – forcing a confusing pause in the action – but was ultimately deemed legal, resulting in a Mousasi win.

Chris Weidman's corner reacts to Gegard Mousasi stoppage

Part of the reason the fight wasn’t allowed to continue after the knee was deemed legal is because Weidman couldn’t tell the referee what day it was. According to live audio of Weidman’s corner, however, this might not actually be a cause for concern.

In this corner audio from the event, Weidman’s coaches Matt Serra and Ray Longo weren’t especially worried about their fighter’s condition. The two coaches – Serra an particular – were also extremely upset with the stoppage, and even hit Mousasi with a bit of shade.

Here’s a quick transcription of the corner audio, beginning moments before the fight was waved off (audio itself cannot be shared as it’s from UFC Fight Pass).

Serra (to Weidman): If you’re ok you’ve got to let them know!

Weidman can’t say what day it is, officials deliberate…

Serra (to officials): He’ll never know what day it is though!

The fight is waved off. 

Longo: F*cking bullsh*t. Bull-f*cking-sh*t! No, no, no!

Serra: Because he didn’t know what day it is? He might not know what day it is! Give me his sh*t… where’s his shirt?

Longo: God damn it! He was winning that fight too.

Serra: He told them it was February and he didn’t know what the date was. I told you that motherf*cker’s a dirty cocks*cker!

Referee Dan Miragliotta (to Weidman’s Corner): They watched the replay, it was legal.

Serra: Was it legal?

Weidman: There’s no way that was legal!

Serra (to referee Dan Miragliotta): Come on Dan, are you kidding Dan? How is that legal?

Longo: Motherf*cker!

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