VIDEO | Chris Weidman discusses his controversial loss to Gegard Mousasi

By Chris Taylor - April 8, 2017

VIDEO | Chris Weidman discusses his controversial loss to Gegard Mousasi

Chris Weidman

Surging UFC middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi scored a controversial second-round TKO victory over former division champion Chris Weidman at last night’s UFC 210 event in Buffalo, New York.

Mousasi caught Weidman with a pair of knees during the midway point of the second round that had the former champion in a world of hurt. The referee stepped in and put a stop to the action following the second knee from Mousasi as he believed both of Weidman’s hands were on the floor, thus making the strike illegal.

However, upon viewing the replay it was clear to see that Weidman had actually lifted both of his hands off of the canvas just micro-seconds before getting hit by the second knee from Mousasi, meaning the strike was in fact legal.

After some major in cage confusion, the referee stepped forward and waved off the contest announcing Gegard Mousasi the winner via technical knockout.

Weidman spoke about the controversial loss, which served as his third setback in a row, in an interview backstage following the event.

Get the full fight recap from last night’s Mousasi vs. Weidman co-main event below:

Round one begins and both men miss with jabs early. Mousasi lands an early right hand. He follows that up with a nice counter left. Weidman throws a kick to the body but Gegard catches it and lands a counter. Weidman circles and then shoots in for a takedown. He gets it. Weidman locks in a guillotine choke. It is deep. Mousasi is able to escape the hold and get back to his feet. Weidman lands a nice leg kick but it appears to have hurt him. Still, he shoots in and secures another takedown on Mousasi. Gegard is quick to scramble and get back to his feet. He misses with a wold combination. Weidman ducks under and shoots in for a double leg takedown. Gegard is able to defend but Chris still has his hands clasped. Mousasi breaks Weidman’s hold and then lands a right hand as they break. Chris lands a hard right. Mousasi responds with a left jab. Chris shoots in for takedown and gets the fight to the floor but he’s not on top. Mousasi stands up and breaks free. He lands a nice low kick. He scores with a left hand. Mousasi slips and Weidman ends up on top to close out the round.

Round two begins and Mousasi lands a stiff jab to start. He lands another and then another. He begins unloading shots on Weidman. Chris circles out. Gegard with another right. He shoots in for a takedown. Lord knows why. He has Chris pressed against the fence. Chris circles off and Gegard lands another left jab. Weidman shoots in and scores yet another takedown. He begins working from full guard. Mousasi with some hard elbows from the bottom. Chris is busted up and bleeding now. Still, he remains in top position. He moves to full mount. This is not good for Mousasi. Gegard scrambles but gives up his back. he continues to scramble and ends up back on his feet. Great job from Gegard. Mousasi with a crisp jab. He lands some knees in the clinch. Weidman had his hands down on the second knee so the referee steps in due to an illegal strike. The replay shows that the strike was actually legal. This fight should be stopped. However, they are giving Weidman the full five minutes to recover. How he is being allowed this is beyond me. Joe Rogan is freaking out. Now they referee comes in and stops the contest. WOW!

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