Chris Weidman to likely undergo neck surgery in 1-2 weeks

Chris Weidman

With just over two weeks to go until his rematch with Luke Rockhold for the middleweight championship, Chris Weidman was forced to withdraw from UFC 199 with a neck injury.

Weidman revealed that while he would be unable to compete at UFC 199, he planned to compete at UFC 205, the UFC’s first event at the Madison Square Garden in New York, later this year.

Weidman spoke on The MMA Hour about the surgery:

“It’s going to be sooner rather than later. The other thing I was running into is some doctors who were saying you’ve got to get this taken care of now, like ASAP, because the nerve is getting damaged every second of every day. And then other doctors were like, you know, there’s a good chance if you just wait another couple of weeks it just goes away completely. I don’t know what to believe. But looks like I’m going to be getting surgery in the next week or two.”

“Literally I can get back to training pretty much right away,” he said. “The only issue is I’ll have a scar. So they’ll clean it up, and I just have to wait for the scar to heal and that’s about it. I can go right to strength training and stuff like that right away. And I guess after four weeks I can go into full out everything.”

It is important to mention that both Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle, and UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman both had the surgery, and both advocated for the procedure to Weidman.

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