Chael Sonnen warns Conor McGregor that Israel Adesanya is coming for his spot: “ Izzy is coming for top draw in this sport”

By Harry Kettle - July 12, 2023

Chael Sonnen believes there is a chance Israel Adesanya could overtake Conor McGregor and become the biggest draw in the UFC.

Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya

The rise of Israel Adesanya has been pretty remarkable. The two-time UFC middleweight champion is back on top of the world, and later this year, he’s set to defend his belt against Dricus du Plessis. Based on their interaction at UFC 290, it could well be one of the most personal fights of his career thus far.

Beyond that, though, it’s obvious to see that his star power has gone through the roof ever since his debut. He’s easily one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts, and one of the greatest middleweights of all time.


As we know, Conor McGregor is regarded as the biggest star in the history of the sport, and rightly so. According to Chael Sonnen, however, that title could be in jeopardy.

“There’s a different game being played here by Izzy,” Sonnen said on The MMA Hour. “You want to know who should be watching this? It’s not du Plessis, and it’s not the rest of the division. It’s Conor McGregor. Izzy’s coming for his spot. Izzy is coming for top draw in this sport, and he’s not that far away. By the way, he truly made that program for me.”

Sonnen backs Adesanya

“What Adesanya did, that show’s not the same,” Sonnen said. “I was at a bareknuckle show about two months ago, and Conor McGregor showed up, and it was a massive deal from a perspective of entertainment. From having something to look forward to that you weren’t promised, and wasn’t on the marquee. The presence of Conor was greatly felt, and it was discussed in the media long after. That’s why I bring the example of Conor and Adesanya because now I’m seeing that Izzy can play that same game, and he can play it very powerfully.”

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