Chael Sonnen sheds light on hotel brawl after UFC return: “They must’ve mistaken me for someone else”

By Josh Evanoff - July 28, 2023

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen is happy to put the Luxor in the rear-view mirror.

Chael Sonnen

In December 2021, ‘The Bad Guy’ found himself in serious legal trouble. One night at the famed hotel in Las Vegas, the former UFC title challenger was accused of striking many, many individuals. When the news first broke with a video showing Chael Sonnen being led out of the scene in handcuffs, many thought it was just the beginning

That feeling was correct, as almost two years later, the situation has finally been resolved. After first facing a felony battery charge, as well as a litany of misdemeanors, Chael Sonnen pled no-contest to breaking the peace earlier this month. As a result of the deal he made with prosecutors, he will pay a $750 fine, and have his other charges dropped.

There’s nobody happier to have the situation resolved than Chael Sonnen, as he noted in a recent interview. Speaking to The Mac Life, he discussed his situation, as well as his return to the UFC. In the midst of his legal troubles, he was removed from ESPN and all broadcasts.

However, 16 months later, ‘The Bad Guy’ will return to the analyst booth at UFC 291 this Saturday. It’s worth noting that while his legal troubles have been resolved, he currently does face a civil lawsuit.


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“Oh, I was never gone. Come on!” Chael Sonnen stated in the interview. “Chael was just on a break… Yes, yes, there was only nine of them, I don’t know how they thought that would be enough. In all fairness, they must’ve had me mistaken for someone else.”

He continued, “…They thought nine was enough, I mean come on! They must’ve had me confused for someone else.”

What do you make of these comments from Chael Sonnen? Are you excited for UFC 291 this Saturday?

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