Carlos Condit understands where Tyron Woodley’s critics are coming from

By Tom Taylor - October 11, 2017

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s last two title defenses, a pair of tepid decision wins over Stephen Thompson and Demian Maia, have generated quite a bit of criticism, as many fans feel he could have done more to pursue a finish over his foes. UFC welterweight contender Carlos Condit, who will return from a long hiatus to battle Neil Magny at UFC 219 this December 30, understands these criticisms against Woodley.

Carlos Condit

“I can definitely see where the critics are coming from,” Condit explained on the latest edition of The MMA Hour. “We’re athletes but we’re also entertainers, people buy the pay-per-view to be entertained. That’s part of this. This is show business. I know that winning is super important and a gameplan is super important, but at some point you have to, this is the hurt business and you gotta try to put your opponent out.”

“You know he’s obviously a super, super talented dude,” Condit continued. “I did watch the last fight against Maia. I felt like he, at a time where he really could have turned it on and tried to finish, he didn’t.”

Condit, of course, has fought Woodley before, losing to him via leg injury back in 2014. While he has certainly thought about a rematch with Woodley for the belt, his main priority is simply returning to competition.

“I don’t I don’t really think about it all that much,” he said of a do-over with Woodley. “I’m really looking at small, incremental things right now. That’s big picture, but for now it’s really just getting back in fight shape, getting firing on all cylinders, getting my weapons sharp again, that’s my thought process and my priority.”

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This article first appeared on on 10/11/2017.


Carlos Condit