VIDEO | Chael Sonnen ‘felt ridiculous’ wearing the outfit that he wore in the Bellator 208 promos

“I felt ridiculous [filming that promo]. You know what, we did that here. I did that in a dressing room, I put that [USA outfit] on. Right as I was coming out Fedor [Emelianenko] must have been walking in. He took one look at me and laughed. I hung my head like a doufus and walked away.

So no I didn’t really like it and I haven’t seen that movie in a very long time. I thought I was dressed as Rocky [Balboa] it turns out I was dressed as another guy who dies fighting a Russian. So no, no I didn’t enjoy it that much but I kept it. I did keep it. Stole it from wardrobe it’s at home right now.

[Would I wear it again?] Ehhh, not for a promo! Maybe on Halloween.”

The one fight that we never ever expected to be seeing is about to finally take place before our very eyes this Saturday night at Bellator 208.

That’s right, three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen has fought the likes of the divisional greats in longtime middleweight king Anderson Silva and light heavyweight’s Jon Jones.

Now he’s set to take on heavyweight’s all-time greatest, Fedor Emelianenko in the semi-finals of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix. Meaning that a win would earn Sonnen a crack at the vacant heavyweight crown.

The build-up to this fight has been a little bit on the sillier and fun side as evidenced specifically by the main promo for Bellator 208 which features Sonnen dressed in some USA themed wardrobe.

It’s the loud American vs the stoic Russian. The winner will fight either Matt Mitrione or Bellator light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader in the finals for the heavyweight title.

Mitrione vs Bader takes place the day before Bellator 208 at Bellator 207 which is tomorrow.


This article first appeared on on 10/11/2018

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