Did the UFC miss the boat on Russian female prospect Anastasia Yankova?

By Russell Ess - January 28, 2016

MMA is about technical skill, putting on exciting fights and ultimately, winning. However, when you can toss in charisma and looks to the package, you have all the ingredients necessary to produce a star not just in MMA, but in pop culture.

Look at how former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has fared with her career outside of MMA. In less than three years since her UFC debut, Rousey has garnered more media coverage and fans than most fighters in the UFC ever will. Do her looks and personality play into that at all?

When fans get a glimpse of Anatasia Yankova fight for Bellator, they might wonder why the biggest promotional organization in MMA failed to pick up the Muay Thai champion fighter. Yankova potentially has everything on her resume to be a big draw for any promotion she is fighting for.

The recently signed Bellator flyweight with a 2-0 record spoke with mk.ru recently about how she opted to sign with Bellator over the UFC (transcribed by Google Translate):

“All that matters is that I know the conditions of that offer in UFC, and I know the conditions of Bellator. At this stage, all the Bellator advantageous conditions, including in financial terms. Plus is also very important fad monopoly: UFC is not allowed anywhere else to act. And important for me to box and even in Russia.”

With some wins and more marketing done to promote Yankova, her fan base will be sure to grow. She has some game competition in Bellator waiting to welcome her to the promotion such as Hawaii’s Ilima Macfarlane.

Will you be looking to tune into Anastasia Yankova’s first fight in Bellator?

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