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Rampage & King Mo Trade Barbs On OTR

During a recent stint on ‘OTR’, BEllator stars, Rampage Jackson and King Mo traded words on the air.

“I think your wrong, man. Why would we fake something like this, know what I’m saying? We both fighting in the cage for money…we ain’t cool, we ain’t boys,” said King Mo. “We’re fighting for that money. If money’s involved, you’re going to have an argument. All that other fake stuff you been talking about kind of gets old. That’s what the fans say, because they watch pro wrestling.”

That being said, Rampage Jackson, the UFC’s former light-heavyweight champ, responded…

“Mo don’t like me because he’s a fanboy. I already took your spot… Mo popped off at me first. I had no idea who Mo was years ago because I’m not a fanboy. I’m sorry to admit, I don’t watch MMA. Mo Lawal was a fanboy. He got mad at me because I didn’t recognize him the couple of times that I came face-to-face with him. I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t watch him.”

The two have a storied rivalry spanning several years, making this one of the more anticipated match ups in the current Bellator landscape.

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