Anthony Johnson Responds to ‘Cry Baby’ Daniel Cormier’s Criticisms

By Justin Golightly - October 5, 2017

Just yesterday, Daniel Cormier spoke out on Anthony Johnson’s alleged return to the UFC in the heavyweight division. It wasn’t just that, but he told an in-depth story that took place backstage, detailing an interaction between him and then Jon Jones. Cormier had revealed he lost respect for his former opponent and called him ‘soft’, that he’d never look at him the same again. Well, Johnson got word of this and boy, did he have something to say about it.

Anthony Johnson

“Damn D.C. didn’t know you were salty cuz I talk to the 1 guy that knocked you out. F-cking soft is what you called me, oh well that’s your opinion. Saying I gave Jon [Jones] advice lol buddy what advice is there to give him? I wasn’t fighting either one of you, so there’s no point of giving advice. That’s not my style! I believe in fair fights period.”

“Friends? We were NEVER friends! I’ve respected every man in the sport no matter what. I’ve shown JBJ respect through his tough times and have shown you respect the same way. I retired cuz I have other things in life I want to do but just cuz I met with UFC and talked you have an issue. So, take your cry baby ass on and praise God that Jon screwed up and you got the belt back that way!” – Anthony Johnson on his official Facebook

That’s right, he pulled a Dana White: ‘We were never friends.’ In this era of combat sports, it’s hard to tell what a beef is for beef’s sake, or if this is all a ploy to get a title shot if or when he returns to the UFC. The fact that his manager said he could come back in the heavyweight division could just be a red herring. Either way, this is surely not going to end here. We’ll keep an eye out for Daniel Cormier’s response.

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Anthony Johnson