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BJPENN.COM Radio Ep. 83 // Alonzo Menifield | Angela Magana | Juan Archuleta | Martin Nguyen | Alan Jouban

Jason Kindschy - June 7, 2018

BJPENN.COM Radio is back, Penn Nation! First up, highly touted light-heavyweight prospect Alonzo Menifield. Undefeated in his professional career, Alonzo returns to DWTNCS this season to claim his spot in the UFC and continue his journey of becoming the “top dog.” With a truly inspirational story of struggle and perseverance, Alonzo has all the makings to be a star in combat sports. We’ll talk shop and get to know this finisher before he returns to action on June 12th.

Angela Magana
Angela Magana

Angela Magana Announces She's Been Released by the UFC

Drake Riggs - December 7, 2017

Angela Magana has had quite a unique journey with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as just her career in MMA. Ranging from events such as verbally submitting to Jessica Aguilar in a 2008 fight after getting blood in her eye to getting into an altercation with UFC Featherweight champion, Cris Cyborg at the UFC Performance Institue during the 2017 Athlete Retreat…it’s been quite a crazy ride for the former The Ultimate Fighter season 2o contestant. Magana last fought at UFC 218 this past weekend against Amanda Cooper. Magana lost via second-round TKO thus extending her UFC losing streak to three straight(five overall and six including TUF 20) which was just too much for the organization to keep the twenty fight Strawweight veteran.

Angela Magana
Exclusive MMA Interviews

EXCLUSIVE | "Misunderstood" Angela Magana has a message for her haters

Tom Taylor - December 7, 2017

Angela Magana, a veteran of MMA’s women’s strawweight division, is well acquainted with her haters. While she’s got a legion of loyal followers, her outspoken attitude assures she receives plenty of backlash too. That said, Magana has never let her haters get to her. Believing that she’s just a bit misunderstood, she chooses instead to dismiss them and keep being herself.

Angela Magana
Exclusive MMA Interviews

EXCLUSIVE | After possible early stoppage, Angela Magana challenges sexism in MMA

Tom Taylor - December 7, 2017

Last weekend, on the undercard of UFC 218, Angela Magana came up short against Amanda Bobby Cooper, succumbing to second-round punches. Unfortunately, Magana feels as though the fight might have been stopped a little early by referee Keith Peterson. “I feel like the fight was stopped early,” Magana explained on the latest episode of BJ Penn Radio. “I remember my corner saying 28 seconds, and there were less than 30 seconds. Yes, [Cooper] was bashing the shit out of me, but I was fully with it. I was fully aware of what was going on. As soon as it stopped I was over with the referee just seeing the replay. I put my hands out like what the hell? But that’s his decision. You have to respect his decisions. I felt like if I could have got a third round, and my corner said, ‘whatever you do, don’t go to the ground, stand up [with her].’ I might have pulled something out of somewhere, I don’t know, to be able to win it. Who knows, but it was stopped a bit early. I feel like that’s the thing with women’s MMA. That they always stop us early in comparison to the men.”

Angela Magana
Angela Magana

Angela Magana goes off on haters in passionate Twitter rant: There are no losers in MMA at this level

Tom Taylor - December 4, 2017

Last weekend, on the undercard of UFC 218, strawweight veteran Angela Magana came up short against rising contender Amanda Bobby Cooper. In the wake of this loss, Magana took to Twitter to trash any “haters” who criticize her, or any of UFC 218’s other defeated fighters. See Magana’s undeniably compelling points below:

Amanda Cooper, Angela Magana
Angela Magana

Amanda Cooper roasts her UFC 218 opponent Angela Magana

Tom Taylor - December 4, 2017

Last weekend, on the undercard of UFC 218, Amanda Cooper picked up a dominant stoppage win over polarizing strawweight star Angela Magana. While Cooper’s win was more than enough to put her heated rivalry with Magana to bed, she still had plenty to say about her at the UFC 218 press conference, evidently still put off my Magana’s history of trash talk and internet bullying. “I don’t think the sport needs her,” Cooper said at the UFC 218 post-fight presser (h/t “I don’t think the UFC needs her. Maybe she needs it. As soon as I called her out she was on Twitter freaking out. I think she gets something out of it. I don’t mean to be mean, but I think she probably needed that a little bit. I don’t think the sport needs her, but I think she needs it.”

UFC 218

UFC 218 Results: Amanda Cooper stops Angela Magana (VIDEO)

Chris Taylor - December 2, 2017

A women’s strawweight scrap between Amanda Cooper and Angela Magana served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 218 Fight Pass Prelims in Detroit, Michigan. Round one begins and Cooper immediately takes the center of the octagon. Magana lands a nice leg kick and then another. Cooper lands a left hand and then a right over the top. Magana fires back with a crisp jab. Amanda switches to southpaw and then right back to orthodox. Amanda with a nice jab. Magana throws a kick but Amanda catches it and presses her against the fence. Cooper with a takedown attempt but Magana clearly grabs the fence and stays up. More pressure from Cooper and she gets Magana to the floor. Amada immediately moves to mount and then transitions to the back of Magana. Angela rolls and Cooper winds up on top and in half guard. Magana scrambles and gets back to full guard. A big elbow now from Cooper. She moves into half guard and lands a pair of left hands. She traps one of Magana’s arms and begins raining down punishment. Cooper takes Magan’s back and locks in a choke. She lets go and begins working in more shots. Somehow Magana is able to survive round one.

Cris Cyborg
Cris 'Cyborg' Justino

Sponsor drops Cris Cyborg following incident with Angela Magana and Cyborg fires back

Russell Ess - June 9, 2017

The incident that got physical between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana at the recent UFC athlete retreat may have had an impact with one of Cyborg’s sponsors. Apparel company GRRRL released the following public statement through their website regarding their relationship with Cris Cyborg following the incident with Magana.

brandon vera boots Angela Magana from Alliance MMA
Brandon Vera

Brandon Vera kicks Angela Magana out of Alliance MMA, issues statement

Tom Taylor - May 28, 2017

Earlier this month, the UFC shipped nearly its entire roster out to Las Vegas for a special, weekend-long athletes retreat. Though the hope was that this would be a purely fruitful weekend for the 400+ fighters in attendance, it will probably be remembered most for a heated blowout between UFC featherweight star Cris “Cyborg” Justino and UFC strawweight Angela Magana. This blowout, which stemmed from nasty comments Magana made about Cyborg on social media, ended with Cyborg punching Magana in the face. In the wake of this ugly run-in, Magana has opted to press charges, while Cyborg has scolded her for cyber bullying. Meanwhile, many members of the MMA community have weighed in on the issue, siding with one side or the other. One of the latest to do so is Brandon Vera, a founder of Alliance MMA, where Magana trains.

Angela Magana Gabi Garcia
Cris 'Cyborg' Justino

Gabi Garcia calls out Angela Magana to a fight, Magana accepts match

Russell Ess - May 24, 2017

UFC strawweight Angela Magana and former Invicta featherweight champion Cris Cyborg got into an altercation over the weekend at the UFC athlete retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cyborg and Magana were seen arguing in a video released from the incident where Cyborg punched Magana and things were immediately broken up.

Cris Cyborg Justino
Cris 'Cyborg' Justino

Fighters rally behind Cris "Cyborg" Justino after Angela Magana incident

Tom Taylor - May 24, 2017

Over the weekend, the UFC flew some 400 of its fighters out to Las Vegas, Nevada for a special athletes retreat. During the events of the weekend, UFC featherweight star Cris “Cyborg” Justino had a run-in with UFC strawweight Angela Magana, which ended with Cyborg punching and visibly rocking Magana. Since then, Cyborg has been cited for battery for punching Magana. She also shared a lengthy statement on cyber bullying – it was Magana’s cyber bullying of her that led to the incident – on social media. See that statement below:

Cris Cyborg punches Angela Magana
Cris 'Cyborg' Justino

VIDEO | Here's the footage of Cris "Cyborg" Justino punching Angela Magana

Tom Taylor - May 22, 2017

Last night, on the final evening of the UFC’s much talked about athlete’s retreat, top UFC women’s featherweight contender Cris “Cyborg” and strawweight fighter Angela Magana got in to an altercation. The altercation occurred after the Brazilian confronted Magana about some recent bullying posts. Earlier this year, after Cyborg did some volunteer work at a children’s Cancer hospital in Brazil, Magana used one of the photos taken from the hospital visit to poke fun at the featherweight’s physical appearance:

Dana White
Angela Magana

New York lawyers attempting to create union for UFC fighters?

Russell Ess - August 1, 2016

The talk about a fighter’s union has been floating around for quite some time. Most recently, UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has been very vocal about fighters needing a union after his opponent Brock Lesnar tested positive for banned substances.

Angela Magana

PHOTO | Angela Magana shows off her stunning bikini body

Russell Ess - June 28, 2016

UFC strawweight Angela Magana has no shame in her game. “Your Majesty” has been spending quite a bit of time in her bikini while in Puerto Rico and her fans are loving her photos.

Angela Magana

PHOTO | Angela Magana is on the Tinder prowl

Russell Ess - April 12, 2016

UFC women’s strawweight Angela Magana is no stranger to being the center of attention. From taking the center of the Octagon, to making classic videos of herself on her social media accounts, Magana is always game. Speaking of game, Magana is taking her Tinder swiping to Australia and let everyone know about it. Magana posted a screenshot of her Tinder profile on her Instagram account.