Angela Magana goes off on haters in passionate Twitter rant: There are no losers in MMA at this level

Angela Magana

Last weekend, on the undercard of UFC 218, strawweight veteran Angela Magana came up short against rising contender Amanda Bobby Cooper. In the wake of this loss, Magana took to Twitter to trash any “haters” who criticize her, or any of UFC 218’s other defeated fighters.

See Magana’s undeniably compelling points below:

“There are no losers in MMA at this level,” Magana began. “Can you really call [Alex] Oliveira a loser cuz he tapped to strikes? Whoever gets hit with an elbow like that is smart to tap out. What if you got caught like Overeem? Call him whatever, but you gotta have balls to get in there like that.”

“Also [Justin] Gaethje a loser? Or look at Jose [Aldo]. I had joy when seeing his beautiful slipping, headwork, pivots, boxing and that familiar leg kick. Max is a killer and smelled that blood making him even hungrier. You can look at any match up and no way was there a loser.”

“As for haters, will you ever have Bruce Buffer announce your name? Or Jon Anik & Rogan acknowledging improvement in your stand up? Have Rogan talk about how incredibly tough you are, [or] be entertained & amazed by [your] pure will to struggle out of a choke? No you won’t, and that’s why you hate.”

What do you think of this argument from Angela Magana?

This article first appeared on on 4/12/2017.

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