Michael Bisping points out Anderson Silva’s weaknesses

By bjpenndotcom - February 24, 2016

On Saturday in London, Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva will square off in a highly anticipated main event clash between two veterans of the sport.

For Bisping, not only is it a chance to get a win over an MMA legend in front of his hometown fans, but also a chance to potentially earn himself a title shot against the winner of Luke Rockhold vs. Chris Weidman II, which takes place at UFC 199.

Ahead of the fight, Bisping spoke to Fox Sports to discuss the flaws in Anderson Silva’s game.

“I know I’m a better fighter than Anderson and I know people will scoff at me when I say that but when you break things down he has a lot of weaknesses, a lot of flaws. Yes, he’s very good and he has incredible finishing ability. Some of his stoppages are legendary.

“But his boxing actually isn’t that good. His wrestling isn’t good. His jiu-jitsu isn’t that good. I’m a better athlete. He’s never fought someone like me, who can fight like I can, with my footwork, with my pace, with my speed, with my cardio. All in all, I do think as long as I don’t get caught with one of his flashy moves, I beat this guy.”

How do you see this fight paying out Saturday in London?

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