10 Fictional Brawlers Who Would Destroy in MMA

Nick Frost as Bajie - Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

It takes skill, determination and raw strength to crush your opponents in the octagon. The wide variety of fighting styles displayed by the characters from action movies and TV shows below would serve them well in the MMA world. Not to mention that the inclusion of these fictional brawlers would make for some entertaining fights. (Who wouldn’t want to see Conor McGregor take on Wolverine??)

Read on for some action movie and TV fighters from who could bring the pain in MMA. For more bone-crunching action, catch the final episodes of Into the Badlands in a two-night premiere event, Sunday, March 24th and 25th on AMC.

Bajie, Into the Badlands

As Sunny’s ally in the Badlands, Bajie (Nick Frost) holds his own in battle through a combination of his powerful girth and stellar hand-to-hand combat skills. With his loose morals and quick wit, Bajie could cut some entertaining fight promos and enter the ring with style.

Wolverine, X-Men

What Logan, aka Wolverine, lacks in height, he more than makes up for in scrappy brutality and bones of literal steel. He even has experience in the cage –in the first X-Men movie, Rogue watchesLogan take down an overly confident challenger who makes the mistake of going fist-to-adamantium-fist with the Canadian mutant. Fellow mutton-chop sporting fighters Mike Rio and Anthony McGlynn have taken on the “Wolverine” nickname in honor of the comic book scrapper.

Drax the Destroyer,Guardians of the Galaxy

If you’re forming an intergalactic MMA team, enlisting the Guardians of the Galaxy member played by Dave Bautista is probably a safe bet. In terms of brute strength, Drax can plow through a group of Nova Corps guards and stab his way out of a slimy alien’s mouth. He’ll also provide comic relief with his infectious laugh and penchant for taking everything literally.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Fans of this action heroine know that Xena was the ultimate female badass during the ‘90s. As played by Lucy Lawless, Xena has a physique to rival Cris Cyborg and the tenacity of Amanda Nunes in battle. Even without her trusty sword and Chakram, Xena can unleash a torrent of powerful punches, kicks and throws on an onslaught of enemies. Imagine that intensity unleashed in a cage.

Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

Of all of Batman’s many deadly villains, Bane is the one who most resembles a professional fighter. With his ruthless combat style and extreme strength, Bane can easily lift his opponent over his head and bring them down for a punishing knee drop. It’s the move that crippled Batman, and could earn Bane some championship MMA belts.

The Conlon Brothers, Warrior

Tommy (Tom Hardy) refuses to give up while battling his brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton) in the climactic scene of Warrior. The fists of fury Tommy unleashes on “Mad Dog” Grimes coupled with Brendan’s skill with submissions, arm-locks and chokes would make the Conlon brothers a formidable MMA team that could give even the Diaz brothers some serious competition.

Frank Dux, Bloodsport

Frank Dux is a real-life martial artist who claims to have fought in a brutal “Kumite” tournament like the one depicted in the ‘80s action movie classic Bloodsport. Whether or not Dux actually fought and won such a tournament (which probably never happened), his fictionalized counterpart, played by the “Muscles from Brussels” himself Jean-Claude Van Damme, would fit in nicely in the MMA with his powerful kicks and epic scream.

Lorraine Broughton, Atomic Blonde

The ability to take a beating and keep on ticking is important in MMA. Which is why MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) would do well in the octagon. As she proves in Atomic Blonde’s brutal stairwell fight, Broughton can take down a bevy of bad guys with swift kicks, body blows and well-executed throws.

Thunderlips, Rocky III

Wrestling champ Thunderlips, the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Male” who takes on Rocky in a charity bout, has the moves and braggadocio that could bring some WWE flair to MMA. As memorably played by Hulk Hogan, Thunderlips unleashes a fury of punches, suplexes and leg drops on poor ol’ Rock. After much punishment, Rocky defeats Thunderlips, thanks to an asset from Paulie, who smashes the aggressive wrestler with a chair.

Louden Swain, Vision Quest

There’s a reason why Michael Chandler recreated the iconic training montage from the ‘80s classic Vision Quest–Louden Swain (Matthew Modine) is a focused, skilled high school wrestler who inspired an entire generation of fighters. Louden’s hard work pays off when he pins Brian Shute, a monosyllabic grappler who trains by carrying a log, and takes the state championship. Backed by a killer soundtrack of motivational tunes from Journey, Red Rider and other ‘80s rockers, Louden would easily have the best entrance music. For more action, check out a sneak peek from the final episodes of Into the Badlands in a two-night premiere event, Sunday, March 24th and 25th on AMC.


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