Did Paulie Malignaggi reveal Conor McGregor’s kryptonite?

By Russell Ess - August 8, 2017

Paulie Malignaggi says that he got the best of Conor McGregor during their second sparring session and it would have only gotten worse for the UFC lightweight champion if he was still a part of his fight camp as he got back into his groove.

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While Malignaggi recently retired from boxing, Floyd Mayweather will be coming out of retirement to take on McGregor in a big money boxing match on August 26.

With the fallout between Malignaggi and the McGregor camp, the former two-division world champion spoke in detail about his sparring with McGregor and revealed what he did to have the UFC lightweight champ whimpering during their second sparring session.

Paulie Malignaggi

“From about six rounds on, he became very hittable,” Malignaggi said on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour (transcribed by Peter Carroll for MMA Fighting). “So much more hittable that I was putting more weight on my shots and sitting down more on my shots, and of course, the body shots started to affect him more and more.

“Of course, I’m talking the whole time, because the first time he made sure to talk the whole time. Now I’m talking more and more and I’m letting him know, ‘you can’t hang, these body shots feel good, right?’

“In MMA the body shots aren’t the same as in boxing in that there is consistency to body shots in boxing. There is a debilitating breakdown from the body shots in boxing. Little by little you feel the air come out of you with fatigue.”

The former boxing champion went into detail of his recollection of the sparring session where he even threw some trash talk at Dana White.

“After seven (rounds), which was one of his worst rounds, he sits there and he tells me, ‘7-0 to me’.

“I remember walking back to my corner and yelling back at him, I said, ‘whatever school you went to they didn’t teach you how to count!’

“I was feeling so good that I start yelling at Dana White ringside. I started saying, This is the bitch you brought me here?’ I said, ‘24 hours ago I was on a flight’. Then I lied a bit, I said, ‘Last week I didn’t do anything’ — I did workout that week, but of course I wanted to pump myself up.

“I knew that Conor heard me across the ring. Dana didn’t acknowledge it with any kind of emotion, he didn’t say anything, but he was looking at me when I was saying it.”

Malignaggi then recalled what happened when the infamous photo was taken of him getting up off of his back from the canvas.

Conor McGregor Paulie Malignaggi

“The funny thing about the push down was this — it was during one of his worst moments,” Malignaggi said.

“He pushed me down on the floor to try and catch a break and the instant I went down I got back up. I remember when I was down I continued to trash talk. I said, ‘Buddy, you need a break?’ because Cortez had to wipe off my gloves.

“I started to take it to him right after that. I told him, ‘you don’t get no breaks here’, and I started to hit him with more body shots. I said, ‘take those, they don’t feel good’ and I could hear him whimper off the body shots, too.”

Do you think Floyd Mayweather is taking this all in and will be looking to go to the body of Conor McGregor on August 26? Let’s take this to the comment section.

on 8/8/2017.

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