Joe Rogan says if Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield don’t get tested “we might see some crazy sh*t”

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MMA analyst Joe Rogan predicts a possible Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield rematch will be a wild show, especially if they don’t get tested for hormone use.

This week the boxing legend, Mike Tyson released a terrifying workout video whilst announcing “I’m back,” as he intends on returning to the ring.

His former opponent, Evander Holyfield whose ear was partly bitten off during their iconic 1997 clash, responded by uploading his own training video and fueling speculation that the pair will collide in a trilogy bout.

The possibility of the legendary showdown is eagerly anticipated by fans and that includes MMA aficionado, Joe Rogan. During an episode of his podcast, Rogan shared his excitement and praised Tyson’s “terrifying” workout video,

“He looks f*cking incredible, terrifying. That’s so terrifying,” said Rogan.

“If they don’t drug test him, they don’t test him for hormones, things are way different. If he’s taking testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, all the things that people do when they take hormone replacement therapy, your body functions way better at a way later age.”

As the name suggests, Performance-enhancing drugs (EPOs) such as human growth hormone can give fighters an unfair physical advantage in a fight. Particularly as fighters get older, hormones can increase the longevity of their athletic ability.

Rogan used Vitor Belfort as an example as the MMA veteran had a resurgence in his career when the sport legalized testosterone replacement therapy.

“They were taking testosterone, but they had an old man’s brain,” he said when discussing Belfort. “But their body moved like a younger man, so basically they had all the experience of a lifetime of fighting but because of the hormones, their body actually performed like someone way younger than them.”

Rogan believes we’re in for a wild ride, especially if Tyson’s possible bout doesn’t include testing. However, he also thinks Tyson may just be a unique type of athlete whose ability transcends his age and the possible use of hormones.

“If they don’t test Tyson and Holyfield and all these guys, we might see some crazy sh*t. I don’t know, maybe he’s not on anything. Maybe he’s just a special athlete.”

Watch Rogan weigh-in on the possible blockbuster bout between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield below.

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