Brendan Schaub confirms that he knew Jake Paul would interrupt his Dillon Danis interview

PhotoCred: YouTube

Brendan Schaub almost saw a brawl of sorts break out on his Food Truck Diaries set between Jake Paul and Dillon Danis.

Paul’s drive-by water balloon and toilet paper attack on Danis was speculated as staged by many. Now several months removed from the December episode of Below the Belt’s Food Truck Diaries, Schaub reveals he at the very least knew something was bound to go down.

“I wish I had the intelligence to set all that up to go viral like that,” Schaub told The Schmo. “But hats off to Jake and Logan Paul. Logan was on the week before and one of my staff goes, ‘Oh yeah, we have Dillon on next week,’ and Logan goes, ‘You have Dillon on? I should have Jake stop by.’ I’m like, I guess. I can’t have them fighting. He goes, ‘It’d be fun, it would build the fight.’ Yeah, sure. But I have to let Dillon know.

“Dillon gets in town the night before, he’s staying in Santa Monica. I go, ‘Hey, dude. Just so you know, Jake and Logan might stop by to do their YouTube thing and build the fight. I can’t have you getting set up, but I want you to know they’re planning on doing something. So get your mind right.’ And Dillon goes, ‘Good. Tell ’em to come by because I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of them.’ I went, ‘Well, hold on. I can’t have you guys fighting but just let them do their thing.’ He goes, ‘No, no. I see them, I’m gonna fight them.’ Oh my god, please don’t. I had no idea what they were gonna do.”

Paul and Danis have talked trash to one another for the better part of the last year now. Since this incident, Paul picked up his third professional boxing win when knocking out Ben Askren in one round.

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