VIDEO | Amir Khan on Floyd Mayweather Potentially Trying out MMA: “I just can’t see that ever happening.”

“I don’t think they [Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao] will ever step in the cage. MMA is a very difficult sport, you need to have a lot of strength and takedowns and I just don’t think a boxer is just gonna have all the tools to fight someone in an MMA cage, it’s gonna be really difficult.

I’ve been seeing Mayweather talking about and taking a lot of videos and pictures inside the MMA cage, but I just can’t see that ever happening. I can’t see him ever stepping in with someone in the MMA cage.”

Well, Amir…you most certainly are not alone with that opinion. As most who follow the sport by now know, boxing icon and legend, Floyd Mayweather has been teasing an appearance in MMA over the last month or so. Whether or not we could actually see the 50-0 undefeated boxing champ ever step foot in an MMA cage is to be determined… All we know is that UFC president, Dana Whites does have interest in that possibility as does Mayweather’s last opponent, UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.

The popular opinion is that Mayweather will not be fighting in MMA, as that would obviously be what most assume a near impossible task to overcome. Something that sounds kind of funny coming from the professional boxer, Khan who has in the past said he wants to fight McGregor in MMA. Admittedly, he didn’t think he had the best chances of winning but said, “I always said I’d give it a go, I’m a fighter who likes to fight and try different things. I don’t know if I’d be any good at it but I’d give it my all. He [McGregor] wouldn’t know – I’d just hit him – bam-bam-bam-bam, but if he grabbed me I’m done, I’d have to work on that.”

At least Khan is a realist! What do you make of his take on the possibility of Floyd in MMA?



This article first appeared on on 2/14/2018.

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