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Sunday, 02/12/2012, 07:11 pm

McKenzie vs. Riley & Tavares vs. Yang Latest Additions To UFC on FUEL TV 3

First things first, this bout between Brad Tavares and Dongi Yang should deliver some good action. Both men are finishers at heart and this will likely roll over into this upcoming matchup.

Tavares has only had one victory go to decision and holds to his credit four-wins by TKO or KO and two by submission. Dongi on the other hand opened his career with a huge nine-fight finishing streak on the Korean and Japanese circuits which earned him his spot in the UFC.

This is a hard match to call, it’s really any man’s game in my eyes. Yang is a thick guy with heavy hands and a good ground and pound game and Tavares is also heavy handed with an aggressive attack.

While I frown on anything to do with MMA Math, the two fighters do share one common opponent in Court McGee. Analyzing this fight based on the common opponent you would give the edge to Yang. Even though they both lost to McGee, Yang had more success than Tavares against The Ultimate Fighter winner and took the fight to decision, while Tavares lost via submission in the third round of their Ultimate Fighter semi-finals match.

Tavares stands about two inches taller and holds a one-inch reach advantage over the Korean Top Team fighter, he likely walks around heavier as well, which gives him the obvious size advantage.

Does size help in fights? It absolutely does when fighters are so evenly matched and because of that I am picking Tavares to win by being the bigger man. I don’t see either getting finished in this bout, but the fact that these two always look for the kill should really deliver for the fans.

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One Response to “McKenzie vs. Riley & Tavares vs. Yang Latest Additions To UFC on FUEL TV 3”

  1. joshuah says:

    Simpson Out wrestled Tavares? … I guess, be4 that fight I thought Tavares was a chumpski nothing but heavy hands & no gas tank

    Ray Sefo is turning his guys into freaks with their TDD! Aaron had nothing to offer he got 90% of his wrestling shut down Tavares couldn’t mount much offense, but I’m a huge fan now he looked PHENOMENAL vs such a highly touted wrastler, Yang is in TROUBLE

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