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Monday, 10/08/2012, 10:56 am

Jon Fitch Talks Struggles Without Money, Needing To Entertain vs. Win | UFC NEWS

“Priorities have changed and things I’ve had to accept. I think I was kind of just stubborn with wanting this sport to just be a sport kind of like an amateur sport. Well, it’s not, it’s an entertainment industry and at the end of the day, the people who get the opportunity are the people who sell tickets. It doesn’t matter who you beat, it might matter how you beat them, but if people see you as boring and you don’t sell tickets, you’re not going to get opportunities.”

“It doesn’t matter how many times you win. It doesn’t matter who you’ve beaten. All that matters is: do you put butts in the seat? With that acceptance and my priorities changing towards me needing to take care of my family, me needing to make money, you have to make those changes, you have to adapt and evolve into the system that’s there. I know the kind of fireworks this fight can bring and that means dollar signs. So fireworks, fans loving it, that all equals dollar signs at the end of the day.”


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27 Responses to “Jon Fitch Talks Struggles Without Money, Needing To Entertain vs. Win | UFC NEWS”

  1. Westside Daddy says:

    No Fitch, the reason you don’t have sponsors paying you loads of money is because you are THE MOST BORING FIGHTER IN THE UFC AND NOBODY WANTS TO FALL ASLEEP WATCHING YOU LAY N PRAY. Get real fuckboy.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I can’t believe Fitch even has anyone willing to sponser his boring lay n pray ass. Seems like sponsers would want to sponser popular fighters who actaully have a fanbase

  2. Xaninho says:

    Get a dayjob Fitch! You SUCK at fighting!

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    i saw this video of him having a big @$$ truck… so maybe some of these broke fighters should be spending money more wisely? idk the whole situation but don’t try to live beyond your means?

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Fitch pleasse retire already noone wants to see your lay n pray stalling ie: boring ass leghumping bullshityou think is exciitng. Fitch is the worst thing that ever happen to MMA. Also how is it a 34 yr old relic like Fitch blames the UFC becasuse he is injured all the time. Koscheck has been fighting about 5 years less than Fitch and he lives in palace and has a twin engine airplane. Time to look in the mirror and quit blaming everyone else because you are so fricken boring.

    Fitch nothing would make MMA fans more happy than to hear you announce your retirement tomorrow. I would celebrate for 6 months.

    FITCH YOU SUCK and I hope Erick Silva KO’s your boring a’ss like Hendricks did.

    BTW Fitch Hendricks KO had nothing to do with your BULLSHIT excuse for an injury to your knee. YOU GOR KO’s by a fighter who is 10 times better tahn you and 100 times better wrestler. Hendricks won more matches in College in one year than Fitch did in 5 years

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Damn lets al just pray Erick Silva KO’d Fitch and UFC finally releaes his borin g ass. Dana white once said Fitch has smallest fanbase in UFC

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Fitch talks like he is now going to do what it takes to put butts in seats. YEAH RIGHT Fitch will always be lay n pray. 0 % chance Fitch will stand and actually try and fight Erick Silva

  7. mantion says:

    I have never cared who wins a match. My favorite fighter is GSP not because he has won, but because until recently he finished his matches. With commanding leads he took extra risk to submit knock the person out. That said I hate it when shit heads like gracey hold submission holds longer than needed or go further than needed. I am fine with people being cut up and breaking bones but when people have life long knee injuries because some asshole fighter didn’t release the moment the judge stops it I get pissed.

    One of the main reason fighters do not want to take chance because many times submissions are abused and fighters are seriously injured and even end careers. Submissions should show control and force a person to submit. If you go full bore on a knee and cause needless damage you should never fight again. Trained fighters know how far is too far, if the person doesn’t submit the judge should stop it. and when the judges stop it the submission should be release immediately.

    90% of the fighters in the UFC are very respectful and treat it as a sport. Go at it, fuck each other up but if you end someone’s career because you abused a submission you career should be over as well.

    Oh and I fully understand that in some submissions the person that pushes harder wins. still when the ref says stop, you stop.

    • Jay says:

      Tell that to Vitor. I prefer the Mir approach, if you would rather have a broken arm than submit then enjoy your broken arm.

    • People get hurt in training all the time, what are you talking about, i have been doing this for 10 years and i get hurt more training or during training camps, thats jus part of the business, usually my fights are easier than training camps…Fighters are usually never 100% healthy or injure free going into fights, thats jus how it goes..The ones who don’t get injured during training camps are the one’s who get’s Ko’d or badly hurt because they’re punching with their eyes closed or don’t know how to defend a submission because of lack of sparring or weak ass training camps….what a joke submissions are being abused, LMAO!!

  8. lol i feel bad for him says:

    i feel bad for him cuz he needs money and everyone knows hes gunna get KNOCK THE FUCK OUT vs erick silva man….. lolz

  9. Shreddin says:

    You people are awful.

    The comments on this just go to show us how bad MMA fans are. You guys should be embarrassed with yourselves.

  10. you guys are assholes says:

    mma fighters should be getting paid more than boring pussy team sports

  11. Santi209 says:

    poor baby I don’t have any money I am a fighter and I do not like to fight. You have 2 mortgages which incase some people don’t even have that. You suck and can not quit being selfish, their our fans out there who struggle to put food on the table and who sacrifice a lot to watch or go to UFC events

  12. DMAC says:

    That sucks for Fitch! Hope he can get right and get back in the cage. Not the most exciting fighter but I’d rather see him then many other fighters on the roster. Good luck Fitch!

  13. EP says:

    oh my God already … this fkn clown just cannot stop crying. someone send fitch another box of tissues and yeah fitch take some of your own advice, get a day job. youre career will end shortly and u are the most boring fighter on face of the earth, u should be happy u even have one sponsor, i feel bad for them, ur actually hurting their brand haha YOU SUCK … GO cry everyone a river…. Everyone is sick of hearing excuses and bs already. oh and PS – BJ PENN OWNS YOU, PIKER!

  14. Ku says:

    He’s going to bellator to hump ben askren

  15. Ku says:

    Eric silvas gonna knock him the f out then get released to goto bellator where he can fight more for less money then finally he and ben askren can dry hump each other till the cows come home

  16. Xaninho says:

    Hahahaha oh shit! Askren vs. Fitch…….Is there anyone who would even watch that?

  17. abcdeddie says:

    Waaahhh, I don’t make enough money

  18. CombatRusse says:

    I had some empathy for Fitch when reading the article. But it’s all gone after reading your comments 😀
    And I must agree with you, if you’re in the fighting business, you’re already taking a risky carreer path. So you should take risks also inside the cage, in the medias etc… Fitch did none of that and he’s facing the consequences

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