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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 05:08 pm

Johny Hendricks Can't Wait To Put His Left Hand On Josh Koscheck (UFC on FOX 3 Video)

How do you break this fight down? I’ve been thinking about this one since the fight was announced, so forgive my delay in getting this out.

It’s like old school clone vs. new school clone, two D1 wrestlers with heavy hands and knock out power. The one difference between the two is in levels of experience.

Hendricks has a very slightly better credential in the amateur wrestling world, the four-time NCAA D1 all American holds two national wrestling titles with OSU. Koscheck was also a four-time NCAA D1 all American and he was able to capture one national title while with Edinboro U. (I mean, I’m really pulling at straws to give Hendricks the edge in this arena, its real close.)

When they square off on the FOX 3 card it will not be in a wrestling match and because of that Koscheck does take the edge in experience. He is the former number-one contender and the long ranked top 5 welterweight.

He has made a career out of taking out top welterweights the likes of Chris Lytle, Anthony Johnson, Diego Sanchez and Paul Daley to name a few. Outside of a fluke KO loss to Paulo Thiago, a poorly executed match against Thiago Alves and two decision losses to champion Georges St. Pierre, Koscheck has had a really good run for the past five-years with the promotion.

Hendricks is still relatively young in the sport. He burst onto the UFC stage by upsetting Amir Sadollah and has looked virtually unstoppable ever since. His only loss came way of a 2010 matchup with Rick Story and he is just coming off of a 12 second knockout over the long-time number 2 ranked Jon Fitch.

To play a little devil’s advocate, Fitch was coming in off surgery and a long layoff and rust more than likely played a factor. Not taking anything away from Hendricks, just trying to put the credibility of the win into perspective for the purpose of choosing a winner.

I think based on their histories Hendricks has a shot at winning this fight. If his last fight showed us anything it’s that he has a chance to beat anyone on any given night. But am I ready to call him the next big thing in the UFC”s welterweight division? No, I am not.

If Hendricks can get past Koscheck then I will eat my words because that will mean that Johny has officially arrived as a top 5-3 ranked welterweight. But in my eyes he still has more to prove.

The fight is close, as I keep emphasizing, but the edge has to be given to Koscheck via three-round decision.

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11 Responses to “Johny Hendricks Can't Wait To Put His Left Hand On Josh Koscheck (UFC on FOX 3 Video)”

  1. drew says:

    KNOCK HIM OUT!!!!!

  2. stone cold says:

    jon fitch sucks and koscheck talks a lot of shit but won by close decision against pierce

    • stone hot says:

      even hendriks had a close desicion against pierce.

    • BG says:

      Really taking that “only as good as your last fight” mentality to the extreme here. Pierce almost gurantees a close fight (not always exciting.) Josh also had strange/poor training camp and didn’t want that fight period. He went from title match–>former champ–> gatekeeper? I can understand his frustration and lack of motivation. You can argue about his professionalism/motivation, but bottom line, sometimes these fighters are not at their best. Josh was not at his best vs Pierce. For all we know Josh will never be at his best again. I don’t think he can sleep the first 3 minutes of this fight like he did with Hughes. Josh may not have the “eye of the tiger” anymore.

      However, this fight he will probably be pumped up. I just hope he does more than look to land his right hand (same with Johnny’s left.) This could be an incredible fight. I don’t really care who wins either. Josh may get another title shot (more likely if GSP doesn’t have the beelt) or just have a few more fights, hopefully with big names/good match ups.

      Johnny runs the risk of rising too fast, taking on an fight he isn’t ready for, and losing all his momentum. I’m not saying Josh is that fight, but he could be. Either way, we have another serious title contender from the winner. Even if Johnny loses, he’s young and will be around for a while.

  3. Dick Niaz says:

    not hard to grasp why a fighter would want to hit Kos in the face…

    doing so is another matter. I’d give Kos an edge in this fight. Excellent matchup though, this will show if Hendricks is “that good” or not.

    I bet it is close, but I think Kos will get the decision.

  4. Matt says:

    Pretty hard not to want to pull for this guy

  5. Thom says:

    hopefully johny wont get into this fight thinking all he has to do is hit koscheck with a left hook

  6. Magoo says:

    I”m with you Johny…I can’t wait till you tag Krotchcheck with the big left hand!

  7. vinni says:

    dont know why they would put this fight same night as mayweather – cotto

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