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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 12:21 pm

Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 4 | Rematching Tri-Star A Priority, "At The Time I Didn't Want Those Other Fights, I Wanted GSP After UFC 94" | UFC NEWS

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7 Responses to “Exclusive | BJ Penn Transcript Part 4 | Rematching Tri-Star A Priority, "At The Time I Didn't Want Those Other Fights, I Wanted GSP After UFC 94" | UFC NEWS”

  1. e says:

    thanks for setting the record straight for all the critics :)

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t buy BJ’s reasoning for only winning 1 of his last 5 fights. If BJ wanted to avenge his loss to GSP, I don’t understand why BJ would be unmotivated to fight Fitch or Diaz. Cause if he wins against those two guys, he is next in line to fight GSP. So by that logic, why would BJ be motivated now to fight Rory? I just don’t believe it. Something else was and is going on. This makes no sense to me.

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    If I may, I’d like to give my take on all this. You see until UFC94, BJ had never been dominated like he was by GSP. Then GSP and Faraz came out afterwards and gloated about how they broke down BJ’s game and came up with a gameplan to beat him, including all the greasegate stuff and all. Just a bunch of poor sportsmanship in rubbing his nose in it and patting themselves on the back. Bullshit character moves. Now BJ being a warrior first and a fighter second, did not like what happened and wanted to rectify the mistakes made in his preparation for that fight. But there was no way White was going to allow BJ another GSP fight soon so he decided to beat up the 55ers for awhile and look to ww later.

    Now he fights Edgar, how could anybody get up to fight Edgar at that time??? So then he takes a break and sees his chance to get back to the ww but White tells him he has to fight a few top guys. But he is in the later part of his career and wants GSP. I believe that he told us the truth and he wastn’t motivated to work hard to beat them. Let;s face it he was beating everyone of them until late rounds.

    Now Rory challenges him and Rory is a big heir apparent to GSP. So it gives him a chance to beat not only Rory, but Faraz and GSP. He also knows that when he beats Rory, he is Condit, Kampmann away from GSP.

    anyways that’s what I think….

    • jaydee says:

      It’s Firas not Faraz.

    • Anomie says:

      So he went to Welterweight, and knew that if he beat the contenders put before him who could get a shot at GSP but couldn’t get worked up to do it… But that if he beats Rory he is two fights away from another fight so that will motivate him? That makes as much sense as a healthy deep fried Mars Bar. It is illogical.

      And for the record, at no stage in the Diaz fight was he winning that fight.

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