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Thursday, 03/01/2012, 04:07 pm

Aoki vs. Alvarez II Official For April 20

I won’t waste too much of your time with a bunch of commentary on this one.

I am a firm believer in Aoki’s skillset, Japan deserves at least one dominant champion and I have always given that accolade to Shinya. Alvarez is good, but he has been too long protected under the Bellator banner and his recent loss to a virtual unknown only drives that point home for me.

While Gilbert Melendez may have laid out the blue print to beat Aoki, I am not sold on the fact that Alvarez is as good as Melendez and because of that I don’t think he will have the same success.

I stress that I really do not take MMA Math into consideration on these things, but if you just merely compare the resume of the two, Aoki’s is more compelling and when comparing their common opponents Aoki has done better against them.

All in all, Aoki won the first fight in 92-seconds. That’s about as dominate as you can get against someone and while it seems Aoki has been improving I think we may see Eddie on the decline.

Anything can happen in MMA, and I may be wrong on this one, but refer to my second paragraph in this breakdown. I am all aboard the Aoki bandwagon!

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10 Responses to “Aoki vs. Alvarez II Official For April 20”

  1. lex walker says:

    Hell yea we get a bellator card on the best holiday of the year

  2. aaoooookiiiii says:

    aoki is gonna break his arm off

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Not if they don’t let Aoki use those spandex pants..he has trouble with his submissions when fighting out of Pride cause those saved his ass a lot..

  3. workhorse says:

    aoki is fun to watch he either get KO’d or submits the guy.

  4. jonsey says:

    alverez is going tale this one…everytime a jaop comes to america they perform poorly and get beat…but i hope aoki wins i think there both over rated…they have noth been called the best lw in world at 1 time but are both far from it

  5. baldy says:

    is alverez ever coming to the ufc? or at least strikeforce?

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I have Alverez winning this one. He was coming back against Chandler in his last fight before he got submitted.

    Best Fights of 2011

    Hendo vs Shogun and Alvarez vs Chandler

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