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Monday, 02/13/2012, 10:35 am

Alan Belcher Returns Against Rousimar Palhares In UFC On FOX 3 Bout

This middleweight contest has serious implications for the winner. Alan Belcher’s mix of striking and Jiu Jitsu have been able to take out nearly everyone the UFC has put in front of him in recent years.

Palhares on the other hand is more one dimensional, he has the power, but his more compact stature makes his striking not as effective. To his credit though, his one solid dimension is his leg-lock abilities and his extreme power and relentlessness in getting fights to the ground and taking out his opponents.

I for one am a believer in all things Belcher. He has worked hard over the years to evolve and it shows when he steps into the cage. I think his defensive wrestling is good enough to keep this fight on the feet where he should have the clear advantage and if that fails him, his Jiu Jitsu is good enough to stay out of danger on the ground and get it back to the feet.

There is the possibility that Palhares uses his brute strength to bully Alan to the mat repeatedly and blanket him to try and earn points, but those big muscles take a lot of oxygen and even if this strategy pans out for him in the beginning, the second portion of the fight should swing more in Belcher’s favor.

If you haven’t already picked up on it by now, I am going with Alan Belcher, my guess is a three-round bout for position and cage control that Alan Belcher wins with better footwork and striking.

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