Wednesday Warriors: Bob Probert vs. Glen Cochrane is proud to introduce our new weekly segment “Wednesday Warriors”.

Each “Wednesday Warriors” article will feature one of the best fights in National Hockey League history.

In today’s inaugural article, we feature a scrap between two of the greatest enforcers to ever lace-up a pair of skates.

The above video, which was chosen by our namesake BJ “The Prodigy” Penn, features a fight from the 1980’s between Bob Probert (Red) and Glen Cochrane (White).

At the time of this fight, Detroit Red Wings forward Bob Probert was just beginning his reign of dominance as the NHL’s best enforcer.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks Glen Cochrane had already established himself as an excellent fighter and was looking to upset “Probie” in front of his home crowd.

Do you think this fight would have ended differently if Cochrane had fought Probert in his prime? Sound off Penn Nation!

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