Vinc Pichel explains why he will never be friends with “scumbag” Tony Ferguson: “That showed me what a piece of sh*t he really is”

By Harry Kettle - October 17, 2023

UFC veteran Vinc Pichel has hit out at Tony Ferguson over a previous sparring session that went wrong.

Tony Ferguson, Michael Bisping

Over the course of the last few years, Tony Ferguson’s career has been on a downward trajectory. With loss after loss piling up, some wonder whether or not it’s time for him to hang up his gloves once and for all. Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to that theory, though, there’s no way of denying the impact he’s been able to have in mixed martial arts.


At UFC 296, he’ll get the chance to turn back a rising star in the form of Paddy Pimblett. In the lead-up, we imagine there will be a lot of talk about retirement – but in this latest story, Vinc Pichel has opted to reveal a different side to ‘El Cucuy’.

Pichel hits out at Ferguson

“Immediately before that, we knew he had a reputation for being a bridge-burner,” Pichel told James Lynch. “He’s burned people before and we all knew about it. So, ‘Big John’ kind of came up to us and was like, ‘Hey, Tony Ferguson wants to train with us.’ At first, I was like f—k that guy. He’s just a scumbag, I don’t trust him. On the other hand, he’d be a good partner. So, let’s just let him come in, and let’s train with him and see how he does. If he fits in with us, s—t, he might fit right in and I might just be an asshole and he could fit in with us. Let’s do it.

“He comes in one day and then, at this time, I’m just coming back in the gym,” he continued. “I had a very bad neck injury so I wasn’t training. I was still a little injured but kind of getting over that hump and starting to get better.

“We were practicing kimuras and so we’re going over technique,” Pichel added. “I tell him, ‘Hey, I’m just coming back from a neck injury. Whatever you do, just don’t do anything that’s gonna tweak my neck with a kimura.’ First thing this piece of s—t does is he gets a kimura then he continues to scissor me across my neck and just squeeze it as hard as he can. Not even touching the kimura, just squeezing my neck as hard as he can. I started cussing.

“I think I punched him in the f—king dick or something to get him to let go. I get up and he’s like, ‘What’s your problem?’ I f—king shove him then ‘Big John’ gets between us and I’m like f—k this guy. If you’re gonna keep this guy, I’m gone. I don’t give a f—k. This guy’s a piece of s—t. Ever since then, I’ve just been like, ‘F—k you, Tony Ferguson.’ I’ll never be friends with him because of that because that showed me what a piece of s—t he really is.”

Quotes via MMA Mania

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