VIDEO | Watch Tyron Woodley prank call Nate Diaz

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is hoping his next fight will be with long-time lightweight contender Nate Diaz. And while there have been some positive signs that this fight could actually happen, it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s close to being made official.

During a recent appearance on TMZ, the welterweight champ attempted to speed up the process by prank calling Diaz, and leaving him a pretty hilarious message.

“How you going to have a mantra ‘don’t be scared homie,’ and then you won’t answer your phone,” Woodley said on the show. “You know the TMZ number! Give me his number, let me call him!”

Then the prank call began:

“Hello, this is a message for Mr. Nathan Diaz,” Woodley said once he’d been connected with his rival. “I’m calling because I’ve got a big box of Pampers for you, because I heard you were sh*tting yourself because you have to fight Tyron Woodley. Please give us a call back so we can set this fight up.”

During his chat with TMZ, Woodley also name dropped a few other opponents he’d like to fight after Diaz.

“This is a fight that my career needs,” Woodley said of his potential fight with Diaz. “So when I take him out, I can get the dude I’m deserving of, and then I can get on with my career.”

Georges St-Pierre possibly,” Woodley said when asked who he felt he is deserving of. “Conor McGregor possibly. And after I whip on little brother, I’m pretty sure big brother Nick [Diaz] is going to want to come see me too, and he’s going to get the hands as well.”

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This article first appeared on on 2/7/2018.