VIDEO | Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen rip at one another during Bellator 170 press conference

MMA legend Tito Ortiz is set to have his last fight on Saturday, January, 21 as he is set to take on former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 at The Forum in California.

Ahead of their competition, Ortiz and Sonnen jabbed at one another at the Bellator 170 pre-fight press conference on Thursday.

Chael Sonnen Tito Ortiz bellator 170 presser

“Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunities. The only person that I know that made money using their mouth was his ex-wife,” Sonnen said of Ortiz’s ex-girlfriend and adult film actress, Jenna Jameson.

“Well, just to correct you, it was never no marriage,” Ortiz said and paused for a moment. “You’re a f**king punk dude. That’s what you call class, compared to no class.”

“That was a nasty line by me,” Sonnen said with a big smile.

“No class at all. That’s why you see him in thongs, jeans, and a f**king t-shirt,” Sonnen said. “No class.”

Later in the press conference, Tito laid into Sonnen and his career.

Tito Ortiz talks Chael Sonnen bellator 170 presser

“You’re a good comedian, man. That’s about it. You’re a good actor. That’s about it. I’m a fighter. You’re an actor. You’re on The f**king Apprentice because of me. You’re the bad guy because of me,” Ortiz said as Sonnen has admitted following Ortiz’s highlighted career. “You try to talk because of me.

“You never have won a world title,” said the UFC Hall of Fame legend. “Who was the last champion you ever beat? Who is the last legend as you say, you have ever beat? You call yourself a legend? What have you done legendary besides talk? Buddy, on Saturday night, those little blue eyes are gonna be sparkling even more. Just wait and watch. Just wait and watch. You’ve f**king dug you’ve grave man. You have dug your grave.”

See the full Bellator 170 pre-figth press conference below.

Who you got in this scrap as the fighting will do all the talking come Saturday night? Give us your prediction in the comment section on how and when the fight ends!

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 1/20/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM