VIDEO | Team Diaz captures Canadian Commission allowing GSP/Diaz to weigh in overweight

MMA veteran Nick Diaz has continued to put out harsh allegations over the years regarding strange circumstances prior to his UFC 158 scrap with Georges St-Pierre.

Leading up to the weigh-ins the day prior to the fight, Team Diaz was approached by a member of the Canadian Athletic Commission who informed Diaz that he and GSP would be allowed to weigh-in 1 pound over the welterweight title fight limit, an unheard of situation. team Diaz then questions whether this strange circumstance occurred because Georges St-Pierre was overweight.

Georges St-Pierre

Team Diaz captured the situation on camera in footage which was just released today. Check it out above!

In addition, in the past, Diaz has accused GSP and the Canadian Commission of drugging him prior to the fight:

“When I fought Georges St-Pierre in Canada, first of all, somebody drugged me. That guy didn’t make weight. The commission comes up to me and tells me that he’s not going to make weight. Whether it was a pound, not a pound, it doesn’t matter. In Las Vegas, in where the fight should have been, they would have not only drug tested us but there’s no pound allowance so he would’ve had to make his full weight … There was something funny about that fight. I’m just saying, look, I didn’t get my fair shot. So I had to go through all sorts of drama, no breaks, three fights in a row. Just like always, three to five fights a year, and then finally they give me that fight … in Canada. Freezing-ass Canada, freezing-ass-cold Montreal where all kinds of funny stuff is going on.”

Nick Diaz

Until now, there has been no proof that GSP was allowed to weigh-in overweight with the commission’s approval, however this newly released video could mean trouble for the Canadian athletic commission.

This article first appeared on on 3/28/2017.

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