VIDEO | Joe Rogan opens up on why he never fought in the UFC

By Russell Ess - January 24, 2017

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If you have ever seen UFC commentator Joe Rogan display his martial arts skills, you soon realize that the man behind the mic knows exactly what he is talking about.

As a black belt in taekwondo and Brazilan jiu-jitsu, Rogan used to comepete in martial arts competitions in the 80’s and then took on a career doing stand-up comedy, hosting television shows, and commentating for the UFC.

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Talking on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Joseph “Bazooka Joe” Valtellini, a former world kickboxing champion, Rogan was asked if he would ever fight in the UFC if he was given the opportunity.

“No,” Rogan stated. “First of all, I’m old as f**k.”

Valtellini asked, “But, in your prime?”

“If I was competing still, when the UFC was around, probably would have done something. But, also, when the UFC first came around, it was like one weight class. You know, when I stopped fighting, it was in 1989, that was the last kickboxing fight that I had. And that was, there was nothing and there was no money in it.

“I was getting headaches too, just from sparring. I did not spar smart. I sparred meathead style. I know a lot more today than I ever did then as far as consequences and what is important and how to learn better,” Rogan said. “I was good at being obsessed with things and just focusing on them constantly all the time but it was more frantic and frenetic. It wasn’t calculated and intelligent. Just being obsessed, constantly training all the day.”

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How do you think Joe Rogan would have fared in the UFC in his prime? Any dream matchups that you would have loved to see in particular? Let us know in the comment section!

This article first appeared on 1/24/2017.

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