VIDEO | Joe Rogan discusses the Donald Trump vs protesting athletes situation

There is no doubt that we are living in a new world of communication with social media being able to have such a big impact on people’s lives.

Just dating back to a few presidential terms, even the thought of the President of the United States having a twitter beef with leaders of other countries and professional athletes for that matter would have simply been laughed at.

Donald Trump

The recent battle between President Donald Trump and protesting athletes was discussed by UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan and fellow comedian Dave Smith as they expressed their views recently on the matter on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“Well, we are a gossip country now,” Rogan said after Smith expressed how many people had more of a response to Donald Trump’s relationship with Stephen Curry than about the subject of nuclear war. “Like, 100 percent. Officially. What we like is a squabble between the leader of the free world, who is a reality star and some of the best basketball players that have ever lived. Like, ‘Oh shit! It’s on!’ Football players, I mean LeBron James is making videos about the president being a douchebag. He’s making videos about all these different people expressing their right to freedom of speech.”

Rogan and Smith go on to express their views on the entire situation with professional athletes protesting during the national anthem and the highlighted issues with cops in America and go into much more detail than what is seen in the clip above.

What are your thoughts on what Joe Rogan and Dave Smith had to say on the current political and social events? Let’s take this one to the comment section.

This article first appeared on on 9/27/2017.

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