VIDEO | A compilation of some of the worst fouls in MMA

By Russell Ess - March 2, 2016

Check out this compilation of some of the worst fouls to take place in the sport of MMA. These are moments in MMA history that have had people talking about long after the fight.

From Heath Herring’s kiss that led to a knockout before the fight even started, all the way up to Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie’s rubber match at Bellator 149 where a controversial low blow was served by Gracie.

The video starts off with a legends match between Renzo Gracie and Frank Shamrock that took place back in 2007 in EliteXC. Shamrock hit Gracie with illegal knees to the back of the head that ended up costing Shamrock the fight with a disqualification ending in a win for Gracie.

Anthony Johnson makes an appearance with his fight against Kevin Burns that Burns won after repeatedly poking Johnson in the eyes with his fingers during the bout. Johnson would end up losing to Burns by TKO after suffering a fight ending eye injury.

Be sure to watch until the end of the video as the last messy foul is the one that tops the list.

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