VIDEO | Chael Sonnen fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ for cheating

Episode 4 of The Celebrity Apprentice saw Chael Sonnen fired for tip-toeing in a grey area. While Sonnen had been looking to win the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Donald Trump’s absence, ‘The American Gangster’ found himself fired early in the season.

Just two days after Sonnen lost to Tito Ortiz via submission at Bellator 170, episode 4 of The Celebrity Apprentice ran, where Sonnen was fired. You can see in the video above, Sonnen cuts a computer cord in order to give his team ‘technical difficulties’ in order to stop the challenge clock and allow them more time to continue working.

Chael Sonnen fired

When Sonnen and his team went to the boardroom, he explained the brilliance behind his move, saying:

“This was not cheating, this was a great move,” Chael explained to The Arnold shortly before being fired for cheating. “I’m very glad that we did this. The rule says you have to finish before 7:45, at 7:43 we were not done. You get one exception which is technical difficulties. So with a little creativity and some scissors, I gave us some technical difficulties.”

Schwarzenegger was not pleased, and didn’t buy into Sonnen’s logic, quickly firing back by saying:

“I know that you think this is a gray area, but in my world, this is not a gray area,” Schwarzenegger responded. “I will not tolerate cheaters in my boardroom. You’re fired.”

The season was of course filmed quite some time ago, and the episode of course didn’t take place just days after Sonnen’s Bellator 170 loss to Tito Ortiz this past weekend.

Tito Ortiz Chael Sonnen

Following his loss to Ortiz, which marked his first fight in over two years, there has been no word from The American Gangster on when, or if, he plans to return to the Bellator cage for another scrap. Upon signing with the promotion in 2016, Sonnen revealed his intentions of being a dominant force on the Bellator roster.

This article first appeared on on 1/24/2017.

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