Jeff Monson explains getting into fight with Russian promoter after being set up at event

By Russell Ess - May 9, 2016

Jeff Monson

Jeff Monson just tasted what could be the most bitter loss of his career.

Monson suffered a bicep tear injury that wouldn’t allow him to compete in any real fight prior to him getting in the ring with Ivan Shtyrkova.

Monson had told Titov Boxing Promotions CEO, Alexei Titov that he would not be able to compete in the fight and everyone came to an agreement that Monson and Shtyrkova would perform an exhibition match.

“The financial backer for the card got in contact with them and got everyone into a room,” Monson told Bloody Elbow. “We basically said what was going to happen and that we would go out for a couple of rounds and show some stuff. I went up to the guy, put his hand on my arm, and told him that I have to be careful with it. I can’t even throw punches or grapple you.

“He reluctantly agreed. He is a competitor. He didn’t want to do this.”

However, once the fight started, Monson quickly realized that the fight was no exhibition match like they had planned.

Shtyrkova threw some hard punches and one connected with Monson that sent him to canvas. Shtyrkova immediately went for a submission on Monson’s injured arm and pulled off an arm bar.

Monson was in disbelief of what just happened. After he was able to come to senses with what happened, Monson got mad and “bitch slapped” Titov and took him down when he saw him backstage.

“Unfortunately I lost my temper,” said Monson. When I saw him, it turned to anger. His security guards picked me up and kicked me. It became a big thing in the back.”

Monson said that he was promised that the promotion would release a statement to address what happened in the fight.

“We’ve been waiting for three days now for the promoter to come out and release a statement. He was supposed to apologize and say that things got out of hand. That hasn’t happened.”

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