Urijah Faber weighs in on his final fight


Last night, on the main card of UFC on Fox 22, MMA legend Urijah Faber competed in the final bout of his long and illustrious career. He did so in his hometown of Sacramento, California, against English bantamweight Brad Pickett. Faber was able to dominate his English foe to a unanimous decision win for a successful swan song.

At the event’s post fight press conference, Faber weighed in on his final fight. The legend explained that he’s happy he was able to keep it together throughout this emotional experience – especially given the tear-jerking pre-fight promo the UFC aired in the moments before his fight.

“I wasn’t expecting that buildup,” Faber said. “I was in the back and they were sharing special moments in my career and everything and I had to turn my back on it. I’m getting ready to go fight this dude who is going to try to take my head off, and I’m getting choked up and everything. I’ll probably go back and watch it on my own but I had to stay focused and I want to be able to speak afterwards. It was a little emotional. I kept it together and I’m proud of that.”

Faber also touched on the first round punch with which he dropped Pickett. Though the California native admitted the fight probably could have been stopped after this punch, he also said that it’s probably for the best that it wasn’t.

“I thought obviously it shouldn’t have been stopped, but I thought he was out of it,” Faber said. “So I caught him with a left hook and I waited just a second. I like Brad a lot and he’s been in a lot of wars himself, if I could get a stop right there I would have, but he showed enough to stick it out. I don’t remember exactly the details of the whole fight, but I know it was close there.”

“It could have maybe been stopped, but if I was Brad Pickett and they had stopped it there, I would have been pissed. So I’m glad they continued the fight, and Brad went all three rounds.”

Finally, Faber touched on his decision to retire, and reiterated his reasons for doing so.

“You know, part of the reason I’m doing this is because I’m able-bodied, able-minded,” Faber said. “I don’t want to be the guy who, oh he’s falling apart, he’s a little punchy, maybe it’s time to stop. I’ve had a great run, I’ve been a world champ, I’ve been a top contender, I’ve been a poster boy for the organization, for sponsorships, been able to do a lot. I do have a lot of my plate and it’s a tough way to make a living.”

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