Urijah Faber: I’m 100% done with fighting


Earlier this month, MMA veteran Urijah Faber stepped into the Octagon for the final time on the main card of ‘UFC Fight Night: Sacramento’ where he fought fellow MMA veteran Brad Pickett.

The win was certainly a dominant one for Faber, as he dropped Pickett in the very first round, then proceeding to win the next two rounds decisively en route to a unanimous decision win in his final MMA fight. With the win, Faber’s professional MMA record advanced to 34-10 over the course of thirteen years of fighting professionally.

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Leading up to his fight with Pickett, Faber was very open about the fact that the fight would be his last. With that being said, leading up to the fight, The California Kid also stated several times that if the right opportunity arose in the future, he very well may return to the Octagon for the right fight.

In a new interview with TMZ, Faber changed his tune, saying:

“Yeah [I feel confident in my decision to retire]. I feel like I have the ability. It’s not like something I want to do is peter out where people think, ‘Oh man he doesn’t have it anymore’, and that be the time to retire. I think it’s more about the motivation I have for other things, and just kind of the emotional – how into it am I. I really enjoyed last time, it was a great time, but I felt like. It’s getting a little lackluster for me.

As many ways as you cut it, the truth is, it’s a dangerous way to make a living, and you know, it’s not necessarily the fights that are the damaging part, it’s the training, it’s the overall – you gotta spar. if You’re going to be training for a fight, you’ve gotta be spar your boxing, spar your MMA, getting hit in the head. I’m 37 years old, I feel amazing, but I don’t know. I don’t want to mess with that. I need my brain in this next phase for sure. The bigger part is, my motivation. I wasn’t getting the excitement that I used to get for a lot of these competitions. I got a little of that back for this fight, hometown, last fight, big buildup. So I enjoyed that a lot, but I think it was just time.”

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