TJ Dillashaw believes he should get title shot upon return from suspension

By Cole Shelton - October 1, 2019

TJ Dillashaw wants a title shot when he returns to the Octagon.

TJ Dillashaw, Matt Serra

The former bantamweight champion is currently suspended by USADA until January of 2021 for EPO use. He also vacated his title due to the suspension.

Now, watching from the sidelines, TJ Dillashaw makes it very clear the bantamweight division needs him as without him, it isn’t that exciting.

“That bantamweight division needs me back,” TJ Dillashaw said to Helen Yee. “They need the entertainment back and they need me to come back and throw some wrinkles in the weight class and create some tension.”

Not only does he think it lacks entertainment, but he still believes he is the champion. TJ Dillashaw says he never lost the title, and when he returns, he expects to be getting a title shot to try and reclaim his title.

“Me. When I come back. That’s why they need me back, they need someone to cause some fire, cause some rift. That is my weight class, I had to give that belt up and fair enough, I understand,” TJ Dillashaw said. “I f****d up, and I had to relinquish it. But, I didn’t lose. That’s my belt, I’m still calling it my belt. I’m still the champion of the world. When I come back I will reclaim it.”

Whether or not he gets a title shot upon his return is to be seen. The division could change drastically from now until 2021, but he is certain he deserves it. He never lost the title in the Octagon so he believes he should get the chance to reclaim it. However, there are some other interesting return fights for him like Urijah Faber or possibly a Dominick Cruz rematch.

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/1/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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