Mark Hunt still has “way more to offer,” eyes fights in Japan

By Tom Taylor - April 21, 2020

46-year-old heavyweight legend Mark Hunt has parted ways with the UFC—and not on friendly terms. While that chapter of his career is over, however, Hunt is excited to continue fighting elsewhere.

Mark Hunt, UFC Adelaide

“I’ll make some money along the way and not have to worry about fighting against the company or the people you work for, just fighting in general,” Hunt told Asian MMA, referencing his falling out with the UFC, which ended with an ugly legal battle. “What I used to love doing. I’m still banging to be honest, I still feel I’m one of the best fighters out there, even at 46 years of age. I feel I have way more to offer, but I’m glad that I don’t have to give it all to the UFC. I can give it somewhere else.

“The only good thing about the modern day gladiator these days, which is how I think of myself, is that most of us get to go home,” Hunt added, expressing his disdain for the way the UFC treats fighters. “In the olden days they’d die. They’re making it back as it was. It’s slave labour and these guys are fighting for nothing.”

Despite his age, Hunt still feels he has the chops to compete against the best in the world, and hopes to fight in Japan—where his career originally took off—in the near future.

“My favourite thing to do was compete at the top end against the very best,” Hunt said. “Even though a lot of them were cheating I felt at a good place because I was competing with the best fighters in the world and they were gassing themselves and I was still competing. Even though it wasn’t a fair fight I still was in there fighting.

“I love Japan. Japan’s one of my favourite countries to compete in. I always considered myself a Japanese born in a different place. I’ve competed ten years in Japan and hopefully I can get back there one day.”

What do you think the future holds for Mark Hunt?

This article first appeared on on 4/21/2020.


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