Dana White praises former UFC fighter Phillipe Nover for his COVID-19 heroics in New York

Dana White, UFC 249

Dana White has high praise for the former UFC fighter Phillipe Nover and his coronavirus heroics in New York.

Yesterday, Phillipe Nover was cast under the UFC president’s spotlight. The 36-year old fought for the UFC between 2008 until 2017 and is the former Ring of Combat lightweight champion. Since hanging up his gloves, Nover has turned to nursing. He is currently a registered nurse working at a hospital in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. He is part of the rapid response unit which is on the front line treating COVID-19 patients.

His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he received a message from White, who praised him for his efforts.

“Hearing all the incredible things you’re doing on the frontlines of New York City,” White said (via TMZ). “You’re awesome, kid!

“I have so much respect for, not just you, but for everybody who is part of the first responders and the medical staff that are taking care of everybody and putting yourself in harm’s way to help others,” White added.

Dana White has recently vented his frustrations over the coronavirus pandemic and the effect it’s had on the fight business. Yet the businessman evidently does not want to underestimate the danger of the virus and he praised Nover for his selfless work.

“You were a stud on [The Ultimate Fighter] and apparently you’re still kicking a*s, my friend,” White said. “Congratulations! Thank you so much for all you’re doing for everybody.”

Nover was taken aback by the message of support from White.

“Wow that’s a great message, I did not expect that,” Nover responded to White. “That feels amazing, I’m glad the message is out there, and he’s always been super supportive of my career, even in the UFC. That’s an amazing message from the boss. That’s awesome! Thanks, Dana!”

The former fighter explained the struggle of complying with lockdown rules and not being able to train in the gym. However, he thanked his friends and family for their ongoing support.

“I’ve had a lot of support from all of my friends in the community and also the MMA world. I hope to bring a more scientific and personal approach to what’s happening in the hospital. Because a lot of people are speculative of what’s exactly happening [but] this is real. I’ve seen posts that people think this is not real, but this is 100% real and I’m glad I can actually help out.”

As for his MMA career, Nover has bigger fish to fry.

“At this point, I think my fight is in the hospital,” he concluded.

It is great to see Phillipe Nover and other MMA fighters doing what they can to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure you join Dana White by celebrating their efforts today.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 4/21/2020.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM