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Jake Paul says Dana White banned him from UFC events, son threw “racial slurs” at him

Jake Paul is persona non grata at UFC events after all the trouble he’s caused the fight promotion.

The YouTuber turned boxer has beaten two UFC champions in the squared circle. But he’s not allowed to attend any UFC shows after causing problems at UFC 261 back in April of 2021. During that event the crowd regularly erupted into ‘F*** Jake Paul’ chants, and commentator Daniel Cormier nearly got into an altercation with ‘The Problem Child’ cageside. Add in all the trash he keeps talking about UFC president Dana White, and we’re not surprised he’s no longer welcome.

Paul revealed his UFC ban during a new episode of his BS podcast with Israel Adesanya. Izzy invited Jake to attend his UFC 281 fight against Alex Pereira at Madison Square Garden. Paul said he’d show up, but then remembered he couldn’t.

“Oh f***, but I’m banned from UFC events,” Paul said. “Dana banned me. Dana banned me after they all were yelling ‘F*** Jake Paul’ in the stadium. Then I tried to go to a different fight and all of our tickets were declined, banned. Then his assistant was like ‘Get the f*** outta here, get the f*** outta here!’ Like, escorted me out of the event.”

“And then Dana White’s son, apparently, I didn’t know who it was at the time, was like ‘I f***in hate you!'” Paul continued. “He was, like, drunk off of some s***, wearing some suit, and he was like ‘F*** you!’ He was using racial slurs against me. And yeah, that was the last event. So I forgot, I can’t come.”

But Jake Paul isn’t called ‘The Problem Child’ for no reason. He then began to formulate a plan to sneak into UFC 281.

“I’ll wear a disguise or some s***,” he said. “They’ll be like ‘Who is this guy?’ I’ll wear the fat suit. I’ll be there! And I’ll try to get a selfie with Dana!”

While Jake Paul may be banned from UFC events, Dana White previously went above and beyond to accommodate his brother Logan Paul at another show. Logan thanked White publicly for upgrading his UFC 264 seats to ‘billionaire’s row.’

“He bought a bunch of tickets to the fight,” White explained later. “And the tickets he bought were … not tickets he’d want to sit in. He was going to get smashed. So I put him over in another section.”

Dana White and Logan Paul have since engaged in a blossoming bromance, with Dana appearing on Logan’s podcast. He even saying he’d consider hosting a Logan Paul fight in the UFC. There’s no such love growing between the UFC president and Jake Paul, though. During the lead-up to Jake’s fight against Anderson Silva, ‘The Problem Child’ repeatedly accused White of attempting to sabotage the event.

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