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Logan Paul says he’s willing to give Andrew Tate a platform for one night: “Turn his f**king face inside out”

Logan Paul is saying he’s willing to give Andrew Tate a platform for one night.

The often controversial ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate, 35, has been flirting with a return to the ring after having called out several internet personalities including Paul, his younger brother Jake and British star KSI.

Logan Paul has flip-flopped over whether he is willing to meet Tate in the ring.

Speaking on Sean O’Malley’s ‘TimboSugaShow‘ podcast, Logan Paul had this to say about Andrew Tate:

“What he talks like, I am either listening to him say something that actually makes absolutely no f**king sense, or it’s a statement so bold that it is repulsive. I think people misunderstood what to us was very clearly satire and sarcasm as like a respect or liking to Tate. But I have never liked Tate. I find him amusing, the same way you find a clown amusing.”

Continuing the 27 year old Paul said:

“Maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him, just for one night. Just for one night, and turn his f**ing face inside out, have him wheeled home on a gurney with his brother holding his hand in the ambulance type s**t. I don’t like you, I want to f**k you up.”

Concluding Paul said:

“I got a solution. Why don’t we do something that both of us have never done? Clean record. 0 and 0. Let us step into the f**ing octagon, brother. An MMA fight, me versus Tate in the UFC. You think Dana would put that on?”

It is true that Dana White has previously indicated he would be willing to sign the popular YouTuber to the UFC.

Would you like to see Logan Paul and Andrew Tate battle it out in the Octagon? Who would you be putting your money on?

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