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Chris Weidman believes Logan Paul should give UFC fighters equity in PRIME after betting it on Jake Paul: “Split it all up”

UFC middleweight Chris Weidman has an idea for what Logan Paul can do with his PRIME equity.

Over the weekend, Jake Paul returned to the boxing ring against Tommy Fury. In keeping with tradition for the YouTuber’s previous fights, he made it a family affair. His brother, Logan, was in his corner and even had a mid-fight interview where he insulted ‘TNT’.

However, that was a highlight on a night when they were few and far between for the Paul family. The YouTuber wound up being thoroughly outboxed and wound up losing by split decision. That loss can wind up being a costly one for Logan Paul.

Prior to the fight, ‘The Maverick’ stated that he would be willing to bet his equity in PRIME on his brother to win. The energy drink has become very popular over the last few years, and recently became partners with the UFC. The standard red and blue fighter corners have now been renamed PRIME hydration zones.

Following his brother’s loss, Logan Paul took to Twitter to ask who wants his equity. While that was likely just a joke, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has an idea in mind. During a recent discussion on Won’t Back Down Radio on Sirus XM, he suggested Paul give the equity to fighters.

Weidman stated that the Pauls have shown interest in helping UFC fighters, and this would help a lot. Granted, he doesn’t think the YouTuber will follow through with the idea.

Chris Weidman
Image via @ufc on Instagram

“Logan Paul, who by the way, sounded like a complete buffoon when he got the mic in the fight,” Chris Weidman stated. “But, he went on Twitter and said he’d bet his equity in PRIME, the hydration energy drink. We now have hydration corners, the red and blue hydration corners. He said he’d bet his equity in that to anyone who wanted it, that Jake Paul would win this fight.”

He continued, “After the fight, he said, ‘Who wants it’. I’m sure he’s just messing around but either way, I know his brother Jake Paul is about MMA fighters being taken care of. He would approve of this: Take your equity and give it to all the UFC fighters, split it all up. Let’s not forget back in the day we had sponsors on our shorts, they took everything away.”

“…Years go by, and there are multiple sponsors in the cage… There’s nobody talking anymore about fighters getting a piece of that pie. As an old-time guy myself, I don’t forget.”

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